Why Death Note is Great


The Best Anime Available on Netflix


When it comes to Netflix anime, you owe it to yourself to check out some all time great anime. If you have to make just one choice, make sure that you go with Death Note. This is a great launching point whether you are just getting into anime and want a go-to show or would like to expand your horizons and watch a must-see series. With this in mind, think about these points.


What is Death Note about?


In Death Note, Light, a charismatic, intelligent high school student comes upon a mysterious notebook that allows him to write the name of people who will be killed. He has this power to be killed due the aid of the Shinagami, a dark spirit figure that is the guardian of the notebook, who only the owner of the Death Note can see. Light is the son of the police chief, so this creates an interesting dynamic, as his father is investigating “Kirra”, the holder of the Death Note.


What is the latest with Death Note?


Death Note is considered by many anime fans one of the top anime series’ of all time. It has received a resurgence due to the fact that a Netflix produced live action version of Death Note is coming out this year. This will only raise the popularity of Death Note, in addition to potentially increasing the sales of the manga that the anime was based on.


Consider this in order to see if Death Note is the show for you.

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