Dedication of Jim Larkin as Unionist Supporter

Jim Larkin was born and raised up in the slums of Liverpool, England in the year 1876. His environment did not expose him to access the better chance for education. He then opted to play a part as a worker in many places for the need to raise the income for the family needs. His commitment made him elected as the foreman of the docks of Liverpool.

This is the point where Jim realized that most of the workers were being mistreated at the workplaces. He then came up with the idea of forming the workers union called Transport and General Workers’ Union which rose to the high ranks and became the most prominent union in the area.

His primary objective was to improve the working environment for the workers across the globe. This pushed him to make his travel to the United States in the year 1914. His unwavering support to the worker through the union continued till 1940, and he finally died at 1947.

During his tenure as the foreman in the docks of Liverpool, he became a member of the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL) and played a huge role as the organizer of the group. In the year 1907, Larkin, together with his team came up with the strike methods that became sensitive to the NUDL and this pushed for his deportation to Ireland. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

In then went further in support of the worker by forming Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union with the aim of creating togetherness between both skilled and unskilled workers in the country of Ireland. This organization became famous and gained membership from workers from different agencies of Ireland.

Jim later formed Irish Labour Party after gaining recognition and achieving a lot of the set objectives in Ireland. The party then pushed for the strikes that were against exploitation of the workers and rallied more than 100,000 workers to play a part in it. He further organized demonstration which was rebelling the war during the beginning of the World War I.

Additionally, he flown to the United States with the intention of raising some funds used for the fight of the British. The move made him convicted as criminal and deported to Ireland. Jim on his arrival, push for the international support of Workers’ Union of Ireland in Dublin in 1924.

Jim Larkin has been recognized as an ardent supporter of the workers through his fight for their rights.