Fabletics Uses Crowd Sourcing To Retain Seasoned Clients and Attract New Clients

The current consumer highly relies on the seasoned user’s feedback to purchase a product. Often defined as crowd sourcing, it is the main strategy applied by many consumers. As most users are sensitive and conservative when it comes to spending their money, it is vital for them to be sure of the quality of products they intend to buy. Crowd-sourced reviews have often led to high or low sales in a business. That is why for most businesses, customer feedback is vital. Savvy brands are now delving into reviewing customer reviews with the sole purpose of attracting more clients. One such brand is Fabletics, a fashion clothing-line that was founded on the basis of providing women with comfortable wear during work-outs.


A look at Fabletics


Fabletics was founded in 2013. Since then, the company has expanded its service scope and revenue generation by over 200%. This translates to approximately $235 million. According to the marketing officer of the parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, Mr. Shawn Gold, the success of the clothing line is accredited to crowd sourcing. Fabletics managed to top the list of manufacturers of leisure sportswear because of its capitalization on crowd sourcing. As a team, the management focuses on what the client gives as feedback. This is the major selling point for this brand as when a client gives their opinion, the team embraces it by offering viable solutions.


Using negative feedback to provide positive results


Like any other business, clients may give negative feedback. For Fabletics, this has never been a demoralizing factor as the team, through a qualified team leader, focuses on finding out viable solutions for the negated comments. Consumer reviews for Fabletics are a major pathway to winning more clients.


Positive reviews


To Fabletics, genuine reviews have often boosted the business’ ranking. They contribute to improved search ranking by capturing client’s attention. Being a business strategy, the incorporation of client’s reviews is a huge part of customer service too.

Kate Hudson’s role in Fabletics


Since its establishment, Fabletics has been a fashion –forward project that capitalizes in athleisure brand. The brand, chaired by Kate Hudson, was designed to be empowering and all-inclusive of women. For the past three years the company has been in the industry of fashion, women has given positive reviews regarding the availability of multiple sizes that include everyone. Kate and her professional team have been working on every detail that may seem constructive in building the company.


The conclusion


Even though she is not a business mogul, Kate Hudson, the experienced model, has a sense of fashion and style. It therefore, means that she understands the value of tailoring the demands of a client into culture, style and character. Kate Hudson uses this understanding to reach out to her clients. She incorporates their needs to fit the type of brand she manufacturers. Her staff testifies to her commitment to building Fabletics. In a conversation with the team, one of them states that Kate is an actual reflection of what Fabletics is about- image and self-acceptance. She is not only approachable but also active in her lifestyle.