Dick DeVos has Been Fighting for Change & Will Help Betsy do the Same

The DeVos family is well-known in Michigan since they have been a very active family in the state. The Devos family was instrumental in the fight against unions since they wanted employers to have more power over their employees. This family also made it their mission to fight the public school system in order to give parents more choices, and they also won this battle.


Dick DeVos, specifically, has been quite active in Michigan. For one, he helped halt the construction of a multi-purpose sports arena in Grand Rapids. This fight took place back in 1991 when young Dick was on his way to becoming the CEO of Amway Corp. He did not want the city to be plagued with a useless arena that would end up becoming an eyesore much like the convention center in Detroit that is not used much beyond hosting a few some sporting events.


DeVos had a bigger vision for Grand Rapids that involved embracing art and education over sports. This was the reason he ensured the construction of the Grand Rapids City Market, where local farmers and artisans could sell their products to the public. He also made sure that the Michigan State University medical school was built in Grand Rapids, encouraging the growth of students in the city.


It took a few years, but his efforts transformed Grand Rapids from a small town into a sprawling city with many bright spots for Michigan. One of Dick’s greatest achievements was marrying Betsy DeVos, and the two became one of the richest families in the state. The two are deeply religious and quite conservative, which is obvious by their constant battle against unions or public education. The two believe in privatizing education and ensuring that employees have little power in the workforce.


Still, as instrumental as this family has been in the politics of Michigan, the two were not really known to the world, until Donald Trump came along. The inexperience and unhinged President of the United States appointed his wife, Betsy, to become the Secretary of Education for the United States. It was a role that she took happily, even though she did not have much experience. Of course, some people in the country did not like the choice, especially because it seems she likes to talk down public schools.


Things got worse for Betsy after appearing on live television for her congressional hearing. It was obvious that she did not know much about public education, which only tarnished her reputation. Even worse, she defended guns in schools by pointing out that bears might one day rise up and attack a school. Yes, it seems that the DeVos name garnered national attention after that televised interview, but it was not positive attention. America’s first impression of the DeVos family will not likely change any time soon.


There is no doubt that Betsy is going to continue the fight for her right to lead the role the President placed her in, and Dick is going to be there to support. Dick knows a thing or two about humiliation and defeat. In 2006, Dick ran for governor of the state as a Republican only to lose to Jennifer Granholm.


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