Yanni Hufnagel Successful Career as an Assistant Basket Ball Coach

Yanni Hufnagel was born on August 26 in 1982 and happens to be a former basketball coach in America. He is a wide range of experience in the coaching industry and has been able to have served as an assistant coach of the famous Nevada Wolf Pack Men’s Basketball team and was under the leadership of one Eric Musselman.

Yanni Hufnagel has also served as an assistant coach for the famous California Golden Bears, Havard Crimson and also Vanderbilt Commodores. He has been referred to as one of the top college recruiters in the department of basketball. He has a played a great role in some of America’s biggest basketball players. He has enabled them to identify their great talents and have made them great celebs.

Yanni is the son of Thierry Hufnagel and was raised in the famous city of Scarsdale in New York. He is a famous Jewish and played lacrosse for the famous Scarsdale High School. This is where he started learning the basics of basketball because he used to be the team captain. He was also a very talented player who had great tactics of winning a game. He also enhanced teamwork which made him a great player and a team manager.

Yanni is a former student at Pennsylvania State University and stayed at the University for one year. He used to be on the school lacrosse team as a defense. He later transferred to the Cornell University and graduated with a bachelors degree in Industrial and labor relations. He went for an internship at the New Jersey Nets and then joined the Oklahoma University as an assistant coach in the men’s basketball team. He was exposed to a lot of challenges in his career and managed with a lot of passion and also drive to success. He was also studying at same Oklahoma and graduated with a degree in Adult and higher education.

Make a Change with Avaaz

Avaaz is an organization that is based out of the United States and first launched in January of 2007. The organization operates over the internet and their goal is to promote global activism and make positive changes in both the environment and in culture. Some of the causes that this organization helps include climate change, rights of animals, rights for all humans, poverty, and corruption on various levels. Avaaz is one of the most powerful networks for activists in the world.Avaaz was co-founded by Res Rublica which is a community of professionals that want to promote good governance and virtue for all.

This organization is also associated with MoveOn.org. MoveOn is an organization that promotes public policies.There are global campaigns that Avaaz is involved in. The organization works with over 30 countries and communicates through videos posted on the internet as well as email notifications. They offer legal advice to campaigns on how to spread their message in an effective and legal manner.

They offer advice on how to organize stunts that are both media friendly and attention getting. Some of the causes that this organization has supported include supporting the people of Syria during their civil war and supporting the no-fly zone over the country of Libya.This organization was also against Donald Trump during his presidential bid and took to the internet to protest him. They protest their causes online and thee are thousands of members from all over the world that get involved in the social media campaigns.

Fortress Investment Group: Growth through Experienced Leadership Skills

Fortress Investment Group is a multinational organization that operates in the United States and other countries around the world. The entity has been working the in the wealth management industry, which is a sector under the large volatile and risky financial industry that comprises of some of the world leading investment groups around the world. However, the company has been able to cut its market niche by offering quality services to the customers that are otherwise used to low-quality services as provided by other wealth managers in the industry. The vision of Fortress is to provide customers with practical solutions that will change their perception in the investment industry.

Randal Nardone, who is the founder of Fortress Investment Group emerged from other asset management organizations in the early 1990s. He had gathered essential knowledge and the necessary expertise in the asset and wealth management industry. However, he was not impressed by how organizations were rendering services to their customers. He was, therefore, having an idea of starting an entity in the same industry that would offer high-class services, such that the customers visiting the institution will be satisfied and they would wish to come back for more ideas on investment.

To implement his ideas, Nardone had to look for experts in various fields who would spearhead the start of an organization that was geared to offering quality services than there before. One of the people he brought was Wes Edens, an experienced guru in the field of financial analysis and asset management. The second piece of the puzzle that has since proved to be a masterstroke is the incorporation of Peter Briger, a well-known economic analysis which has significant knowledge in asset management and investment in alternative assets.

Through the leadership of the three, Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group has reached significant heights that other organizations are struggling to comprehend. It is through leadership that Fortress Investment has been able to be the world leader in customer service delivery, number of customers seeking investment consultancy from the organization, and the tremendous asset base that characterize Fortress Investment Group.

HCR Wealth Advisors Helps Manage Your Investments

If you have any set financial goals that you want to achieve, then starting to save as well as invest as early as possible is a good idea. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that is trusted by many clients.  One of the reasons why HCR Wealth Advisors has been able to achieve its success in the financial industry is because the company is not only result-oriented in its approach, but also believes in developing a long-term relationship with the clients. The clients of the company are provided with the personalized financial planning that helps them meet their financial goals without any issues.

As the financial markets continue to remain volatile and it is hard to predict when the next downfall would be, most of the people are looking to invest in a financial option that would help them stay anchored during rainy days. There are endless investment options in the market today, but it is hard to filter for someone who may not have much knowledge about the financial market. It is where HCR Wealth Advisors can come in and help them choose an investment product or strategy that is a right for them. Depending on what you are planning to achieve with the particular investment, investment professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors (@hcrwealth) can help guide you on what you can do. They carefully assess your financial situation as well as your expectations in the future. It is a service that you would definitely not regret using.

The entire team of HCR Wealth Advisors aims to help its clients to live on their own terms. They believe that it is their responsibility to grow the wealth of their client and to allow them to take care of their responsibilities and to enjoy their life to the fullest. Each of their clients is served by experienced and dedicated members who manage all the investments.

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The Rocketship Education Makes Charter School System Shine

Rocketship Education is charter school system that has expanded from California to Wisconsin to Tennessee. There are also proposals for school systems in Washington, D. C. As well. This expansion of charter school systems is a sign of the growth of schools that are providing a more structured approach to learning.

The charter school system is something that is often compared to private schools, but the roles are reversed. The parents are not paying for this type of school environment because it becomes part of the systems that are paid for by taxpayers. Rocketship Education is also designed to help a lot of children and underprivileged neighborhoods. This is yet another reason why this model for education is so important.

It is going to be the perfect platform for building a better school environment for those that have failed to thrive in a traditional public school system.

Rocketship Education has emerged as a concept that has been embraced by people from a lot of different walks of life. Even the Secretary of State for the United States has been involved in the push for more charter schools. Children that are starting at the elementary level with Rocketship Education are going to have a much better foundation when they get to high school. This will lead to better scores on standardized tests. It will put them in a better place where they may be able to earn scholarships. For children that come from homes where they cannot afford to pay for college education this early foundation is going to be vital. For some children that are attending Rocketship schools this may be the only way to prepare them early for a college education later in life.

Many people are looking at the way that the education system has transformed for charter schools, and Rocketship education is clearly to frontrunner in this arena. It has become a very successful part of a growing number of Charter School divisions in the United States. People continue to be fans of this charter school because it rings out as a new standard with multiple pillars that play a part in changing Charter School culture.

The Story Of Clayton Hutson And His Road To Success

Clayton Hutson has been a very busy man lately. Moreover, the Kid Rock’s Tour, the “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour” is around the corner. As Rock’s production manager, Clayton will handle logistics, engineer design, and sound, organize the event (to name a few tasks.)


Clayton’s Philosophy

In the music industry, you learn from talented people you work with. You exchange stories, knowledge, and share profound, and (hopefully) profitable experience. Kid Rock (Robert James Ritchie) recognized this philosophy, and ultimately rehired Clayton to function as a production manager for Rock’s tour.



Clayton worked with Rock before, as a stage manager on The American Rock N’ Roll Tour“, which he handled quite well (more than well.) This time, Clayton will act as a production manager, meaning he will bear more responsibility, but also have more authority over the whole project.


Working On “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour”

Rock’s Extravaganza tour has already been sold out in a couple of markets, which only motivates the performers to deliver a great show. With Clayton, Rock will perform in festivals and amphitheaters, hopefully delivering a spectacle.



For Clayton, working on tours is not just another project you add another project in his portfolio. You have to, he argues, works closely with people involved in the project. In a way, he argues that good teamwork is the spine of any large event. Consider for a moment Kid Rock’s tours, his events, and concerts.



Behind the show that fans come to see and party lays plenty of well-coordinated work. All the people who work on a tour not only work together, they live together. It is therefore vital that they are all agreeable as if they are the closest family.



You have to communicate with everyone, smooth things out. After all, it is in everyone’s interest to make a spectacle. Clayton argues that you have to be in love with it, with the job, and realize your dream stage.


Who Is Clayton Hutson?

Since his early childhood, Clayton was always particularly interested in music, especially musical events and show. The idea that one day he’ll be the person to organize spectacle compelled him; it became his goal.



He pursued higher education, ultimately graduating from the Central Michigan University, with a degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production. When he’s not on tours, Clayton resides in Nashville, Tennessee, where he manages Ronin Event Creative company. The company operates quite successfully, thanks to Clayton’s built-in working values and his connections with the people in the music event industry.

Learn more : https://angel.co/clayton-hutson

Vinod Gupta On The Business Dynamism

Vinod Gupta represents the perfect example of challenging status quo. From his humble home in India to the USA, his story is fully of resilience and determination. The challenges in his early life in India provided him a chance to rewrite a relatable story to many people around the world. The lack of basic needs such as water, good roads, and electricity did not push the now famous businessperson, and philanthropist.


To Vinod Gupta, the early life in India molded the philanthropist he is today, and proper education and exposure to the USA business world made him the successful businessperson. It is interesting to note that his uncommon combination of engineering and business education led to a different path of innovation and business he is today. The University of Nebraska graduate initially did not, intend to venture into business and the solution provider he is known for was based on problems he encountered at his first job.


Unlike, Vinod Gupta, the first job challenges bring thoughts of resignation, however, the very first challenge gave Vinod Gupta a business idea of being the solution provider. The occupation of being the market analysts made him realize the void of proper documentation of home dealers at that time. The compiling of an adequate database introduced him to the world of providing solution and business. The journey from InfoGROUP to now the magnificent Everest Group shows the strong personality he has as well as his ever-growing experience. Go To This Page for additional information.


According to him, a long-term project excites him compared to short-term plans. The company Everest Group represents this reality in the pace it has been able to acquire struggling companies. According to Vinod Gupta, better long-term planning helps him to objectively read trends in the business world and therefore make better projections. It is however wise, according to him, to understand the market dynamism fully before making a considerable investment. Vinod Gupta is yet hopeful on AI and the opportunities it will bring to the business world.


Check out Vinod’s inspiring interview with IdeaMensch on https://ideamensch.com/vinod-gupta/


4 Things To Fix Your Mental Health Issues According To Roseann Bennett

Roseann Bennett is a therapist who owns her own business. Bennett, who doesn’t turn clients away because they don’t have the ability to pay, tries to find new and innovative methods to help her clients along with tried-and-true methods.

Along with her husband, she runs the Center for Assessment and Treatment. She founded the company in 2010; it is located in New Jersey. The Center for Assessment and Treatment has helped a number of patients and their families through times of stress and trial.

Bennett was in attendance at the Mental Health Awareness Week. In fact, she gave people some tips on how to deal with mental issues:


  • Talk To Someone. Roseann Bennett said that a therapist is the best person to talk to if you are having issues. If you don’t have a therapist, you can still talk to a friend, family member, or workplace peer. Hearing other people’s opinions is a great way to overcome mental issues. None the less, Bennett advises seeking professional help. Some insurance plans even cover the cost of a counselor or therapist.


  • Learn About Your Stress. By understanding the causes of stress you can overcome stress completely. Roseann Bennett reminded those in attendance that stress can cause physical problems like high blood pressure too. Getting your stress under control is very important.


  • Think About The Good Times. If you spend all your time thinking about negative things, you will never be happy. Roseann Bennett told those in attendance to think about the good parts of your day when you are feeling down. Sometimes this can be all that is needed to make it through the day. The power of positive thinking can’t be stressed enough.


  • Know Your Own Limitations. Do not try to control things that are out of your power. If you continue to stress out about things you can’t control, you will never overcome your anxiety and stress. This is especially important in the workplace. Do not always try to go above and beyond to satisfy your peers. Focus on the tasks you’ve been assigned and allow your peers to do their jobs.


Read This Article about Inspirey’s interview with Bennett.


See also: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/roseann-bennett-co-founder-of-center-for-assessment-and-treatment-publishes-series-of-articles-for-mental-health-awareness-month-300659488.html

The DAMAC Owner is Mastering the Real Estate Industry

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. The company was founded in 2002 and its headquarters is the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai. The DAMAC owner focuses on residential, commercial and leisure development in the Middle East, as well as Dubai. The company also invests in real estate projects by other developers. DAMAC also partners with financial entities such as Noor Bank to offer financing for some of their residential properties.

Sajwani has developed a partnership with the Trump Organization and sees the partnership as beneficial for both companies. The two companies have collaborated on the Trump International Golf Club and sold luxury villas for almost $2 billion in sales. Not only has Sajwani dealt with Donald Trump, he also deals with his children Ivanka, Donald, Jr., and Eric. Donald Trump has promised he will not be making any deals with Sajwani, as he will hand the control and operation of the company to his children. His collaboration with the Trump Organization will continue with his children.

The two families have become great friends and the Hussain Sajwani family takes great pride in being friends with the people he works with. It makes the relationship more personal rather than a cold, sterile relationship. The Trump children represent the family brand to investors admirably. Sajwani admires the commitment the children have for the business and are diligent in their relations with other countries and use social media to relay information about business meetings with others.

Because of Trumps election as the president of the United States, Sajwani feels his business has been enhanced. The association he has with the Trump Organization, as with Donald Trump himself speaks volumes as the Trump name is recognized and greatly respected throughout the world.

Before the real estate business, DAMAC was involved in the food industry. Through diverse business dealings, he has developed the ability to cultivate friends and business contacts in high places, as well as on an international level. He is putting his unique business ability to great use as he positions DAMAC to take full advantage of the real estate recovery in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He provided public stock offerings through the London Stock Exchange (LSE), as it becomes one of the best initial public offerings vehicles.

Sajwani finds real estate development challenging, but preferable to the food service industry. The profit margins for real estate are higher than the food industry. Real estate tends to be more flexible even with tougher regulations, but overall that is seen as a very good thing, especially for Dubai Know how Sajwani rebuilt Dubai’s real estate market, here.

Get in touch: https://twitter.com/hussainsajwani?lang=ar

Fashion, Trends, Maximizing Beauty With Victoria Doramus

One of the common desires of people is that they want to feel attractive. Fortunately, there are ways that they can feel attractive. One way that they can do this is through fashion. There are a lot of different colors and other aspects of style that can help people bring out their best appearance. However, there are some people that might need a little extra help. Fortunately, they can get that help from people who have experience in the world of fashion. One such person is Victoria Doramus. She has done a lot of work as a marketer, ghostwriter and blogger when it comes to fashion.

According to www.crunchbase.com, one of the latest things that she has done in the world of fashion was put together a collection with Tradesy, an online fashion retailer. With Tradesy, women have a choice from among plenty of different styles to choose from. Fortunately, the collection that Victoria has put together is something that can give women clues on what they can do to find the style that they can show off and feel their best in. Given that Victoria has been writing about fashion on many different levels, women can trust Victoria’s tastes in fashion.

The person who benefits the most from fashion is the one who knows what she wants. She is the one who is not going to give much regard to what others think about her. Instead, she is going to make sure that she is wearing clothes that she personally likes. Victoria’s collection might have some items that are representative of that person’s style. One thing that Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) is able to do when it comes to fashion is market it in a way that is going to attract a lot of customers from different walks of life. She has done some marketing work for fashion retailers like J. Crew.

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