Joe Arpaio Survives Imprisonment After he was Sued by Lacey and Larkin

One chilly morning in August 2007, the good citizens of Phoenix, Arizona woke up to the news that two journalists, Lacey Michael and Jim Larkin had been apprehended by the police. This order had been given by Joe Arpaio, who was the incumbent sheriff of Maricopa County. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Make The List of Civil Rights Protectors | Philly Purge

The two journalists owned a media publication that had been involved in a row of tassels with the administration of Sheriff Arpaio and the day had come when the sheriff could not sit on his ego anymore. He ordered the county police officers to arrest the duo and keep them in custody, awaiting trial.

The two journalists were invaded in their homes and abducted by the police officers who dragged them to the police cells where they were locked under heavy surveillance of Joe Arpaio and his officers.

What made the Lacey and Larkin get into such trouble was the exposure they had made about the impunity and brutality of the sheriff’s administration. Joe Arpaio and his officers had become inhumane in the way they treated the immigrants’ groups in the county.

These groups, which mainly comprised the Latinos and Hispanics, suffered a lot of discrimination from the officers of the sheriff’s administration.

The officers saw them as inferior, and so they could subject them to unnecessary torture and tribulations whenever they had the opportunity. Particularly, the inmates in jails and the women were the main victims of this vice by the sheriff.

These actions by Arpaio and his soldiers angered Larkin and Lacey, and hence they decided to unmask him. This was when they published the bombshell on their publication which was never taken lightly by the rogue sheriff. When the public heard the sad news of their arrests, they rose in outcry demanding the immediate release of the two.

The county administration succumbed to the demonstration by the public and released Jim Larkin and Lacey. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

After the release, the duo was very determined to make sure that the action was never subjected to any other person in the county and so they decided to seek justice for themselves and on behalf of the potential future victims. They filed a lawsuit against Arpaio and his administration.

The court determined their case in 2013 when the County of Maricopa was ordered to pay $3.75 million to compensate for the illegal detention of the two journalists. However, Joe Arpaio never saw the doors of Jail since he was exonerated by President Trump immediately he rose to power.