Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the CEO of which is a Chinese e-retailing firm. This year’s Forbes Magazine’s issue estimated that is worth close to $58 billion, while he owns other assets worth approximately $11 billion. Most people think that Richard pursued a business course while he was in university.

Well, that is just a mere assumption as he is a sociology graduate from the Chinese Renmin University. After graduating, he hardly practiced sociology as he was employed as a coding freelancer, after which he enrolled for a Master’s degree in business administration at the China Europe International Business School. He then worked for two years in Japan for a pharmaceutical firm as a director in charge of all computers and business.

In 1998, he opened up a shop that dealt with magneto-optical products in Beijing, China. He named his business Jingdong and his company picked up so fast and became famous at the same time. However, in 2004, there was an outbreak of a respiratory disease that made his customers quite inactive as they preferred remaining at home. This affected his business negatively since even his staff feared for their lives and opted to stay at home.

Richard then came up with the idea of handling his business online so that he could still access his customers and even more, regardless of the surrounding conditions. This, therefore, saw the creation of, where Richard closed down about 13 of his physical stalls to focus on the online business platform. He felt so motivated since he could now not just limit himself to selling magneto-optic products but also other electronics.

With now close to two decades of online business presence, Richard Liu has not only gained experience, but he has also grown to understand both the online and physical markets better. In his interviews, he says that he just leaped faith that his business would thrive and thus far he is so grateful he chose to start his business.

He also says that he has been coming up with strategies that will help protect his business from big competitors such as the Chinese online store Alibaba. has been striving to expand its market, and a recent acquisition by Tencent, the WeChat’s owner, of 15% of $215 million has helped the firm gain popularity not only in China but also in the United States. WeChat has been doing an excellent job at promoting Richard Liu’s company. Click here

The Humble Origins of the OSI Group and McDonalds

The OSI Group is one of the biggest fresh food suppliers on the planet, with 20,000 workers at 65 offices in 17 nations. Its ascent from humble beginnings to a noteworthy corporate business is a huge piece of twentieth century American financial history.

Unsurprisingly, as with many great American stories, the OSI Group history was established within the American immigrant experience.

In 1909, on the west side of Chicago, Otto Kolschowsky opened a little retail meat market and butcher shop to serve his locale. He made an amazing business and inside 10 years—before the finish of the First World War—Kolschowsky had ventured into the wholesale market. Inside one more decade the business pursued a typical story line for family-based, immigrant organizations and was rebranded as Otto and Sons in 1928.

What’s more, for a considerable length of time from that point Otto and Sons kept on being a steady, fruitful neighborhood business. So fruitful that the sons of Kolschowsky made a consent to be the provider of fresh ground beef for the very first McDonalds eatery in 1955.

Obviously, that was a pivotal advancement. Otto and Sons wound up moving from being one of over a hundred McDonalds meat providers across the nation, to one of its four main providers. At this point, Otto and Sons turned into a two-track organization, one as a steady local provider and the other a quickly developing Midwest supplier to what was turning into one of the extraordinary enterprises of the world.

1973, Otto and Sons manufactured its first plant devoted exclusively to the McDonalds product offering. As a feature of this progress, Otto and Sons moved toward becoming OSI Industries in 1975.

Many goals have been achieved between these two great corporations over the years. The most recent decade has seen the OSI Group continuing the role as a pioneer of significant worth. From manufacturing protein items like hotdog, pizza and burger patties. It has also moved forward with worldwide connections in business particularly in China and Europe. Meanwhile a more extensive list of items have grown under the OSI Group banner, including non-meat items. Today, the OSI Group and McDonalds continue a fruitful relationship that brings smiles to faces across the world.

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Madison Street Capital Advised Sachs Capital Group During Acquisition Of RMG Networks

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm. It was founded in Chicago, IL in 2005. The co-founders of the firm were Mr. Charles Botchway and Mr. Anthony Marsala. Charles Botchway currently serves as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer.


As a highly experienced middle market investment company, they work with many of the leading middle market firms by providing corporate advisory to companies that utilize their expertise in mergers and acquisitions. In mid-October of this year, it was announced that Madison Street Capital worked with Sachs Capital Group on the company’s acquisition and take-private of RMG Networks. The firms of Virgo Capital and Merion Investment Partners supplied the financing for the transaction.


RMG Networks is a widely-used digital signage company. They serve the majority of the companies that are in the group of companies comprising the Fortune 100. Mr. Barry Petersen of Madison Street Capital helped to orchestrate the transaction. He commented that he thought the take-private process went extremely well, and he was pleased to lend his support to Sachs Capital Group. Barry Petersen serves as the Senior Managing Director at the firm.


The extent of the Madison Street Capital reputation has played a large role in binding the number of partnerships that the company has formed. The CEO of Sachs Capital Group. Mr. Gregory H. Sachs, commented that he was pleased with the transaction process and with the service that his firm received from Madison Street Capital. The guidance and the efforts that they exhibited throughout the entirety of the process helped lead to the successful closing of the deal. RMG had previously been listed on the NASDAQ. The take-private took effect on September 28th, and that would mark the last day that the RMG Networks shares were traded on the stock exchange. Shareholders of record each received a cash payment of $1.29 per share held.


Madison Street Capital maintains its reputation for conducting their business, and serving their clients, with an unmatched level of high standards and professionalism.


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Shervin Pishevar Unleashes Economic Predictions on Twitter

In what can only be described as a scarily accurate glimpse into the country’s economic future, Shervin Pishevar took to Twitter in February to share his most bold predictions about the fate of the U.S economy. He tackled some of the most complex issues on the country’s economic horizon and made no effort at all to temper his predictions.

According to Shervin Pishevar, there are five giants in the tech industry that are completely dominating the field and making it practically impossible for any startup to hope to get off the ground successfully. He thinks that we will soon face a situation similar to that of the telephone company monopoly in the 1980s. He sees the only reasonable solution involving some sort of government intervention to break up the hold that these tech companies have over the entire industry. In the meantime, other countries will start to outpace the U.S. in terms of tech innovation because they have fewer barriers to competition in the tech market.

In terms of geography, Shervin Pishevar does not think that Silicon Valley will continue to dominate the space for tech innovation that it once did. Now that young entrepreneurs can access talent from anywhere in the world, there is no longer a demand for people to continue to work in Silicon Valley for the tech industry.

Even though the consensus is that the Fed will continue to raise interest rates over the next few quarters, Shervin Pishevar accurately predicted that consumer inflation is low. He noted that prices are not on the rise as one would expect and that trade deals will unnecessarily alarm most people about potential inflation.

Background Information on Shervin Pishevar

Ever since graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, Pishevar has been a force to be reckoned with. He is an angel investor and philathropist who founded Hyperloop, Sherpa Capital and Sherpa Office. Pishevar was named an Outstanding American by Choice and was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. He is also broadly recognized as being one of the first visionary investors in Uber.

Cloudwick Data Lake Foundation

There are a lot of advantages to cloud lake technology. Cloudwick has taken these into consideration in every aspect of their infrastructure design. By developing steadfast solutions to contemporary problems, they have improved the visibility of their innovative products and services. People are able to gain significantly based on the development of these key infrastructure systems. Cloudwick uses data lake systems to deploy data to any industry vertical. The company applies an ELT (extract, load, and transformation) methodology to launch data. The ELT is more effective compared to ETL (extract, transformation, and load) methods used in a traditional data warehouse. Cloudwick partners with AWS which holds AWS Big Data Competency as an important variable. The company provides a data lake jumpstart to assist clients to deploy, migrate and pilot into a production of a fully functional data lake streaming system on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Cloudwick uses a Quick Start system to send data to its customers too. Customers can use Quick Start to obtain their own data lake up and streaming in about 20 minutes. They don’t charge for consulting fees. Users only incur the cost to run it on AWS. Cloudwick Quick Start gives a data lake foundation that connects to various AWS services that help the customer to move both structures and unstructured data from their on-premises environment to the AWS Cloud. The migrated data will then be stored, monitored and analyzed. In order to use the data, one will be required to capture metadata to identify streaming practices in the lake. Doing so will provide substantially gainful. It will also help in the organization of larger amounts of data for complex end user goals. These are just some of the ways that the company has advanced the technology as well as its application to contemporary businesses.

By including data lake technology in their suite of services it is clear that Cloudwick will be at the forefront of contemporary data science and management. They have grown significantly in the past few years and will continue to do so for years to come.



Paul Mampilly Wants Everyone to Profit

Working with the 1% gave Paul Mampilly his start in the financial sector. After graduating from Fordham University with an MBA, he began his working career at Bankers Trust, then went on to a variety of banks. As his successes accumulated, he eventually became the manager of a 25 billion dollar hedge fund. But his heart wasn’t set on making the richest people in the business world wealthier. It was helping the everyday investor accumulate their own portfolios so they too could enjoy financial security.

With this goal in mind, he started a newsletter with Banyon Publishing that has over 90,000 subscribers, and Paul Mampilly dream has come true. He spends over 12 hours a day watching the market and then spreading his knowledge amongst his followers. He keeps watch over specific companies he feels will be profitable, and he is free with his investing advice that helps you and your neighbor achieve your financial goals.

Here are a few tips he has shared.

  • Newer investors often make the mistake of investing in a single company. As the old saying goes, it’s risky to put all your eggs in one basket. Spreading the risk is key, and mutual funds are often a great choice.


  • Making investments when you are feeling great about the market. This can be the worst time to buy. Paul Mampilly encourages people to invest when the market is going through a downturn, snapping up stocks at a cheap price that give higher rewards.

Currently, Paul Mampilly admires Tesla and the company’s founder Elon Musk. He gives kudos to Musk for starting Tesla when there wasn’t a market for electric vehicles. His long range view of where the market was heading has made investors in Tesla richer. Helping the average investor to succeed in the world of finance has been beneficial for everyone, and it has only added to his stellar reputation.


HGGC Is Focused On Growth And Branching Out Across The Middle Market

HGGC is a private equity firm that works with middle market companies to help them increase performance and encourage growth. They have a team of highly experienced and trained industry professionals who deliver results to clients.

A Major Merger

One of their most recent major consolidation efforts was between RPX and Riptide Parent LLC. The merger would consist of RPX becoming part of Riptide Parent which is an affiliate of HGGC. The shares of RPX were offered for $10.50 per share during the proposed merger agreement. Once the transaction was completed, RPX would officially become a privately held company.

Branching Out And Growing Consistently

Currently, HGGC has $4.3 billion in total investments and has a total transaction value of $17 billion. The company is currently by Richard F. Lawson Jr. who serves as the company’s CEO. Gregory M. Benson, Leslie M. Brown Jr., and Steve Young make up the remaining list of executives responsible for leading the company to such success. The company invests in a variety of different markets including industrial, consumer, and tech-enabled services. Their primary focus right now is technology, however, and they are focusing on helping companies update their current technology resources to keep them competitive. Most of the investments are located in the United States, but they are also branching out to other countries.

The company was originally called H&G capital Partners in 2008 but was forced to change their name in light of legal action taken against the company due to their name. They changed it to Huntsman Gay Global Capital but were forced to once again Change their name to the abbreviated HGGC version when the CEO Robert Gay left to become the general authority to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Since then the company has been simply known as HGGC and have been dominating the field since.

Talkspace Knows What to Do to Help Clients

When Talkspace first started, they knew they had a big chance to help a lot of people. The company also knew they needed to do things differently if they wanted a chance to show people things would continue getting better. As long as they spent time trying to figure out the best way to run their business, they felt they had a chance to help even more people. After learning about what to do and how to make a difference for everyone, the company learned about the right way to give back. The ideas they had for therapy gave them a chance to reach out and show people how they could do things the right way. It also made them want to see how they could find a solution to the issues so many people had when trying to find a talk therapist. There were many ways the company worked to make solutions better and that’s what pushed them to do the best job possible. See more about of Talkspace at

No matter what happened to the company or what people went through when using the company, they knew they had a chance to show others the right way to look toward the future. It also made people want to get more options. Since Talkspace showed people they could do talk therapy without the need to go to an office, they made a lot of people happy. This made the company one of the best options for people looking for alternative solutions to getting the help they needed.

There were times when Talkspace struggled to make sure they could help others and they could get options for the people they always tried helping. The ideas they had allowed them to show more people the right way to do things. It also made others understand the right way to handle different situations. As long as the company had the positive experiences they could use, they knew what would happen that would allow them to show people the right options. It also made things easier so they could do more with the others they were offering solutions for.

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Gareth Henry: The Unshaken Investor

Gareth Henry was the managing director to Fortress Investment Group. Immediately after his bachelor’s education, he landed a job at Watson Wyatt where he joined a team of research managers.

In 2007, Gareth Henry moved to work with Fortress Investment Group where he held a senior position in the firm. His responsibilities to the company included running the organization as he was the overall head, supervise the capital and pension treasuries of the organization and in charge of promoting the institution in USA, Europe, and the Middle East. Gareth was also in the front position in regards to the organization’s upgrade. View Gareth Henry’s profile at Linkedin.

Gareth Henry perfected his profession through guiding other entrepreneurs on how to shape and make their products known to their targeted clients. His publicity stunts played a significant role in his career as he was able to relate well with clients at Fortress investment group.

Gareth Henry has been able to look deeper into how successful investors reason in regards to bond, hedge fund investment, and equity. According to him, official stakeholders focus more on a variety of their selection by tallying up hedge funds to the administration of pledges.

More force needs to be placed on the rate of return, to make an invention on policy distribution for stock, bond, and hedge fund investment.

Hedge fund makes it possible to bring in positive returns during economic expansion and declining. Market deterioration measure can be catered for by hedge fund. Hedge funds offer to change that seems not to be connected to unchanging returns.

Equities are well known for outnumbering other stable assets, which include the bond, saving accounts and cash equals. Long-term investors opt for stock investment due to its capability of not taking care of business directly but benefiting from the expansion of the economy.

Bonds are in charge of constant earnings. It offers certain expenses. Bonds focus on safeguarding resources more than stocks.

During an interview, Gareth Henry acknowledged that the teachers he had encountered contributed to his success. The nosiness of raising funds was aggressive, and mentorship brought about consciousness. Humility is also highly acclaimed to be a leader.  Read more news:



Fortress Investment Group’s Brightline Partnering With Travel Giant Virgin

Brightline has been making headlines for its high-speed train travel across Florida that may soon be making its way to a city near you. Millions of people travel each year by train and Brightline by Fortress Investment Group is hoping to reach more of that market with their partnership that was recently announced with Virgin. Virgin has been interested in travel by brain for years and developed an interest in the privately-held company at an early stage in their development.

When Richard Branson visited Wes Edens, a chairman and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, they discussed how they could expand the company across the United States. At this point in time, the company had just opened their first 3 stops in Florida. They are hoping to add Orlando Tampa to their stops in Florida of Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach in the near future. Next year, there are plans to begin construction on a proposed route from a city in Southern California and Las Vegas. As long as the acquisition of XpressWest goes through and they receive all the necessary approvals by the federal government, they should be able to start sometime next year. Learn more about Fortress Investment Group at Bloomberg.

Virgin is already a well-known brand in the travel industry for Virgin Airlines. In fact, they already operated a train system in the United Kingdon as well known as Virgin Trains. Virgin has been running this rail system for more than 2 decades. Fortress Investment Group hopes that their popularity last year of upwards of 38 million trips will bode well for Brightline’s future as Virgin Trains USA. The rebranding of Brightline will not be taking place until sometime in 2019.

With plans to expand into even more cities across the country, the marketing and travel industry expertise of Virgin might just be the perfect partner for Fortress Investment Group as they work towards innovating the travel industry. Virgin is now a small stakeholder in Brightline after making a minority investment that will be managed by Fortress Investment Group. The partnership between Brightline and Virgin is expected to last through all current and future projects as well.