An Insight into Isabel dos Santos- Africa’s Richest Woman and Philanthropist

Isabel dos Santos is a household name throughout the world. Her fame accrues from her wealth and success as a businessperson. Since she is passionate about entrepreneurship, he has worked hard to achieve her current status as the richest woman in Africa. The former serving Angola president who retired in 2017 after ruling for many decades is her father. As an entrepreneur, Isabel dos Santos is aware that there are needy people in the society who depend solely on the help issued by well-wishers. When it comes to business, her specialty lies in the following industries: fossil fuels, construction, and finance.

Despite being born in Angola, Africa, Isabel dos Santos was always passionate about traveling to countries such as England. Since her family was financially capable of funding such endeavors, Isabel dos Santos was able to study in some of the prestigious schools in England. For starters, she joined the Cobham Hall School in England. After completing her studies, she then joined the King’s College for her higher education studies. She then got a degree in electrical engineering (The News Version).

Isabel dos Santos is an individual that understands that not everyone is privileged within the society. She knew that by engaging in philanthropy, she would bring about some positivity of many people within the community. While also helping out the needy people in the society, she tries to encourage such people to be hard working. As a successful entrepreneur, Isabel dos Santos plays a crucial role in inspiring many people in the society. If you aspire to be a leader in politics or business, Isabel dos Santos will encourage you accordingly. You will then realize that through hard work and determination, you can achieve any of your set goals.

To make a larger impact as a philanthropist, Isabel dos Santos targets the people whom she feels are more determined and hard working in the society. Such individuals are worthy of the charity offered by Isabel dos Santos. By empowering such individuals, Isabel dos Santos is making the society a better place. These individuals will prosper, and their success will come in handy since they may also offer a helping hand to the less privileged in the society. They would be emulating Isabel dos Santos who serves as an inspiration to many individuals.

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