Sheldon Lavin & His Role With Food-Processing Giant OSI Group

OSI Group is an industry unto itself because it consists of so many factors. This Illinois-based food processor is at the top of its class, especially when being compared to other companies in this exclusive field. OSI develops custom foods, provides a surreal logistical process, has an extensive food supply chain and has hundreds of products. Fritters, onions, ribettes, pulled pork, pasta, soups, Tofu, chili, chicken wings, turkey products, meatballs, meatloaf, hotdogs, beef patties, chicken nuggets and steak are all being ordered from this foodservice giant on a regular basis. In order to reduce the odds of failure and to provide top-notch managerial support, a company needs someone who understands the business side of things to the highest degree.

This is where Sheldon Lavin enters the frame, and this man has provided all of the above attributes and then some. Sheldon Lavin holds the position of CEO with OSI Group. He has held this grand position since 1975. Every since that particular point in time, OSI Group has been moving up the food chain figurative and literally. This extraordinary guy is a finance guru to a certain degree, and he uses this knowledge to expand OSI’s growth. For 15 years, he as operated a successful firm that specialized in financial consultation. Sheldon Lavin is the quintessential businessman of the 21st century. Thanks to his phenomenal efforts in visionary tactics, he has won the exclusive Global Visionary Award in 2016. Manifesting dreams into a reality is the main goal for the winners of this award while demonstrating persistence and perseverance.

What more can you say about Sheldon Lavin? His special gifts to OSI Group can’t be denied, and his special gifts to OSI Group can’t be questioned. All in all, OSI Group wouldn’t be at its current position if it wasn’t for this remarkable businessman.

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Robert Ivy is the executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), which he holds since 2011. He is a man with an impeccable character and thus making him be recognized as a recipient of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement. This award is given to artists and art sponsors in Mississippi. Before now, no architect has ever won it. Therefore, Robert Ivy becomes the first architect to win the award. He was presented the award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). Check out on youtube for more updates.

His latest achievement has attracted appraisals from associates. The president of MIAL, Nancy Laforge, said that he is a man with an awesome personality, who has made architecture more obtainable to the residence of Mississippi. She added that the award given to him was duly deserved. Similarly, Carl Elefante, AIA president, congratulated him; adding that he is a worthy ambassador to the profession. Other people to have won the award are Eudora Welty, Shelby Foote, Morgan Freeman, Leontyne Price and Walter Anderson.

Since AIA existence, it is experiencing its highest global recognition due to his influence in the firm. His impacts on AIA have led other American architects around the globe to practice through the help of the seven world chapters of AIA. This award given to him didn’t come as a surprise to people because he is a previous honoree of the Master Architect award and the Dean’s Medal of the University of Arkansas. On June 2nd, Robert Ivy and Andrew Cary Young, an artist, would officially be honored with the award.

Robert Ivy is a commentator, writer, and author. He published a book in 2001 called Fay Jone: Architect. He worked with Architectural Record as the editor-in-chief. While working with Architectural Record, he helped lift the status of the firm globally. He also helped the firm in achieving different awards like the National Magazine award. Furthermore, he oversaw his firm’s blueprint and construction media during its expansion in China, which resulted in the launching of Architectural record in Mandarin Version, and in the Mideast countries.

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Adam Milstein’s Initiatives to Unite the Israelis.

The entrepreneur has international recognition for his passion in empowering the citizens from his home country, Israel. He has achieved a lot through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He is one of the pioneers of the organization. It’s involved in helping various organizations from Israel in safeguarding the culture. Some of the organizations that have benefited from his generous donations include the Israeli-American Council, American Israel Education Foundation, Stand with Us, and Christian United for Israel. Adam Milstein is a true patriot. He has served in the Israel Defense Forces. When he was a soldier, the country was involved in a war. He is a graduate of the Technion in Israel. It is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the country. Three years after his graduation in 1978, he moved to the United States. He enrolled for an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Adam Milstein has built a fortune in the real estate industry for the last 30 y ears through his firm called Hager Pacific Properties where he serves as a managing partner. At the company, he is in-charge of sourcing finance for development projects, the sales, and its daily operations. He is well respected in his community. Some people call him a family man. In most of his philanthropic work, his wife, Gila, is involved. He is a responsible father of three children. Adam Milstein believes that only good leaders can help the country from its current problems.

Some of the prominent individuals in Israel such as the former prime minister, David Ben-Gurion and Henrietta Szold are responsible for the end of anti-Semitism in the country. The leaders worked to ensure that Israel had become an independent state. Just like many heroes and heroines in the country, the citizens have being strong despite the many challenges that they face on a daily basis. For example, there is a campaign dabbed the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions that aims at eradicating the state of Israel. The movement seems to be gaining momentum in some parts of the world. One of Adam Milstein has also worked hard to unite the Jewish community living in the United States.

Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical practitioner who is licensed to practice his career in medicine and surgery by both Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. Mark McKenna studied medicine and surgery at Tulane University Medical School. After graduating, Dr. Mark McKenna accompanied his father who was also a doctor to practice his career. While in his early stages of practicing his expertise, Mark McKenna ventured into the business where he established a boutique real estate development and investment company called McKenna Venture Investments. Dr. McKenna managed the company from its foundation until when he relocated to live in Atlanta, Georgia.

In Atlanta, Georgia, McKenna founded OVME Cosmetics and also became its Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Mark established OVME Cosmetics with the aim of creating a customer-oriented and elective healthcare business. The company aims at providing services in technology and client services that have a relationship with aesthetic and elective healthcare problems.

Dr. Mark McKenna believes that he can use OVME Cosmetics firm to streamline the elective surgery processes. He intends to use the latest innovations, convenience and patient recommendations and reviews to bring the change that he anticipates.

OVME Cosmetics offers wide-ranging boutique services for males and females through the employment of nominally invasive technological procedures to save as much time as possible. The company is more patient-focused to ensure that its clients can get excellent services depending on their preferences. The company utilizes the latest techniques to avail of online interaction with the clients. It has enabled clients to use an online site where they can create an account and use it to schedule and book for medical appointments. Patients are allowed to access their accounts anytime they wish to check for new information from their physicians.

Dr. Mark McKenna is always passionate to help people with health challenges by giving them proper treatment programs that are clear to understand, time-conscious and affordable. He directs his employees to offer treatment services to the patients with compassion and willingness. He also encourages healthy and productive relationships between clients and doctors as a way to ensure smooth service delivery to patients. Dr. McKenna also directs his employees to ensure that customer preferences are considered before administration of any treatment procedure.

Vinod Gupta Share Information About How He Runs His Investment Firm

Vinod Gupta is a venture capitalist who owns his own investment firm, Everest Group. He is the managing general partner of this company and decides what ventures his firm will invest in. He used to own InfoGROUP which he started with just $100 and sold several years later for $680 million.


In addition to investing in companies at Everest Group, Vinod also provides consulting services to companies like InfoGROUP which are in the database tech industry.


He says that the thing that keeps the Everest Group running smoothly is the core team he hired. Vinod Gupta says that are loyal, trustworthy, and able to work independently. He says having this team allows him to focus on the long-term projects Vinod has going on. He leaves the day-to-day management of his company in this team’s hands. It also gives him plenty of time to work with potential business clients and brainstorming about how to evolve his business. He says each day he spends an hour reading a newspaper so that he gains a broad understanding of what is going on in the world.


Before Vinod Gupta invests in a company he does a Cost-Benefit Analysis. He says this informs his decisions in regard to what risks are worth taking. He says that the more money he is investing in a business the more conservative he is with his decision-making process. He says he is sometimes willing to take a flyer on projects which don’t have very high stakes to them.


Looking to the future of his industry, Vinod Gupta says that the increasingly global economy has freed up many ways for his products to be used. He says people are using products and services his company created, such as local databases, without even realizing it. Go Here for related Information.


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Education Secretary Betsy Devos

Most people don’t realize this but Betsy Devos, the new US Educational Secretary, has actually been in office for almost 3 years now. Her work has become legendary as many people try to understand what she wants to do with educational reform. Most think that she is trying to take taxpayer money to pay for private schools, but Devos says that isn’t the case at all. In fact, she doesn’t think that is what educational choice is about. It’s about giving students the option to go to school where they want so they can feel excited about the curriculum.


There has been a growing problem of failing schools in America since the 1980s. It was revealed under the Reagan Administration that there was something wrong with America’s education system. It was failing when compared to most of the other leadership countries around the world. Now Devos says that educational choice is way to combat students giving up because they don’t want to take standardized tests or do Common Core Math.


These solutions above have only made the issue worse. She believes that people have to care first about students before anything else. She believes that her plan does that the most, because she sees kids every day.


Now that Devos has been US Educational Secretary for a couple of years, she has also been tasked with school safety and preventing gun violence. This is a different situation than most US Education Secretaries have had to deal with in the past, so it’s interesting to see Devos take the reigns and begin applying new measures to make students feel safe when they go to school.


Devos has also donated over $134 million to charity, most of which has gone to education centers and research. She wants people to understand the basics of educational choice are not meant to take away but to add choices for students, allowing them to go to a school where thy like the teachers, the subjects, and most of all, where they want to learn. You can currently attend magnet programs, virtual schools, private schools, charter school, and homeschooling programs.


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Nick Vertucci in the business sector and his new book

Nick Vertucci is a business person who will inspire you to become successful in your business. He is one of the people who has succeeded not through any shortcut but by learning from scratch. Now he does not want everyone to start from where he did. He has experienced a lot in the business sector and therefore knows what should be done and not done. He offers inspirational information to entrepreneurs, which will make them lead successful busies lives. When he was joining the real estate industry, he had nothing. To make it worse, he was coming from another industry where he had lost everything. He was operating a computer accessories store which fell with the crash which affected the technology sector.

Nick Vertucci is one of the key business leaders in the real estate sector, he has excelled in it, and now he wants everyone to excel at it. To pass on the information about his journey to excellence, he has written a book called “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed” which is helping the people learn some vital lessons about making it in the business sector. In order to make it, you need to have the right information and this information is now available through this book.

This book by Nick Vertucci is already a best seller on Amazon. It has also been recommended by prominent business personality Kevin Harington, a host of the TV Show Shark Tank. This book will leave readers with ambitions. It will resuscitate the fallen spirits of running a business. Readers will be left inspired and wanting to pursue their dreams since Nick Vertucci has already shown them that everyone can make it. He managed to succeed, and so does everyone else in the industry. This book should be a must-have if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

The Simple Brilliance Of GreenSky Credit’s Smartphone App

Forbes was recently allowed a rare look behind the scenes at GreenSky Credit. This financial tech company has been quietly building quite a portfolio in an oddly shaped basement in Atlanta, Georgia. Dozens of employees buzz about the open space perfecting a smartphone app for contractors.

Contractors aren’t generally the target of tech startups. But founder and CEO David Zalik bet on contractors to be the key in opening one of America’s prized demographics — homeowners. His bet paid off resoundingly and now he sits on a $2.5 billion fortune.

The smartphone app is rather simple yet astoundingly brilliant. It allows everyone involved to get exactly what they want. Contractors get more work, homeowners get the house of their dreams, banks get reliable loans and GreenSky Credit gets a financial piece of it all.

Contractors are better able to drum up work by promoting GreenSky Credit’s services. The services come via a smartphone app that homeowners can easily use. They choose a particular home renovation loan and are approved in minutes. Contractors then soon show up to begin renovations on the homeowner’s dream house. So far, everybody wins. But here’s where it gets really brilliant.

GreenSky Credit does not lend their own money. Instead, they take their prime loan seeker’s information to the bank. The bank then issues the loan and assumes all responsibility. David Zalik has figured out a way to make money without assuming any risk.

Everybody in the equation ends up paying GreenSky Credit. Contractors are happy to share 6% of the loan amount with the financial services company. And, of course, homeowners pay the contractors. A portion of which eventually ends up in the pockets of GreenSky Credit. Finally, the banks share 1% of their spreadsheet at the end of each year.

What’s even more impressive about this company is the founder’s story. David Zalik didn’t even finish high school but took out $10 million in loans to start his company. He eventually attracted investors before recently filing a confidential IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission. His company is projected to make $500 million in revenues in 2018 alone.

Yanni Hufnagel Successful Career as an Assistant Basket Ball Coach

Yanni Hufnagel was born on August 26 in 1982 and happens to be a former basketball coach in America. He is a wide range of experience in the coaching industry and has been able to have served as an assistant coach of the famous Nevada Wolf Pack Men’s Basketball team and was under the leadership of one Eric Musselman.

Yanni Hufnagel has also served as an assistant coach for the famous California Golden Bears, Havard Crimson and also Vanderbilt Commodores. He has been referred to as one of the top college recruiters in the department of basketball. He has a played a great role in some of America’s biggest basketball players. He has enabled them to identify their great talents and have made them great celebs.

Yanni is the son of Thierry Hufnagel and was raised in the famous city of Scarsdale in New York. He is a famous Jewish and played lacrosse for the famous Scarsdale High School. This is where he started learning the basics of basketball because he used to be the team captain. He was also a very talented player who had great tactics of winning a game. He also enhanced teamwork which made him a great player and a team manager.

Yanni is a former student at Pennsylvania State University and stayed at the University for one year. He used to be on the school lacrosse team as a defense. He later transferred to the Cornell University and graduated with a bachelors degree in Industrial and labor relations. He went for an internship at the New Jersey Nets and then joined the Oklahoma University as an assistant coach in the men’s basketball team. He was exposed to a lot of challenges in his career and managed with a lot of passion and also drive to success. He was also studying at same Oklahoma and graduated with a degree in Adult and higher education.

Make a Change with Avaaz

Avaaz is an organization that is based out of the United States and first launched in January of 2007. The organization operates over the internet and their goal is to promote global activism and make positive changes in both the environment and in culture. Some of the causes that this organization helps include climate change, rights of animals, rights for all humans, poverty, and corruption on various levels. Avaaz is one of the most powerful networks for activists in the world.Avaaz was co-founded by Res Rublica which is a community of professionals that want to promote good governance and virtue for all.

This organization is also associated with MoveOn is an organization that promotes public policies.There are global campaigns that Avaaz is involved in. The organization works with over 30 countries and communicates through videos posted on the internet as well as email notifications. They offer legal advice to campaigns on how to spread their message in an effective and legal manner.

They offer advice on how to organize stunts that are both media friendly and attention getting. Some of the causes that this organization has supported include supporting the people of Syria during their civil war and supporting the no-fly zone over the country of Libya.This organization was also against Donald Trump during his presidential bid and took to the internet to protest him. They protest their causes online and thee are thousands of members from all over the world that get involved in the social media campaigns.