Waiakea Water: Doing Business with Sustainability

At first, people thought that Waiakea Water is just a usual brand of water. It is a product trying to compete in the already flooded billion dollar industry of water brands. Despite the misconceptions, Waiakea is different from other conventional brands. The brand is from Hawaii and its name suggests ‘broad water.’ This product has been produced with extra effort to benefit the consumer and the environment.

Before packaging, Waiakea water must go through a filtering process and that is how it is Hawaii volcanic water. This process makes it pure and ensures that Waiakea water pH is right. The filtering process entails running the water through 14,000 feet volcanic rock that is porous. Another important thing the company is doing is using environmentally-friendly methods.

Many water companies are causing ocean pollution by using plastic bottles. An ordinary bottle takes about 1000 to degrade. It means that the numerous bottles being littered only continue to make surroundings worse. These bottles are non-degradable and they end up deteriorating the environment. Waiakea went a step ahead and adopted sustainable business practices that are also preserving the environment. The company has started using degradable bottles for their volcanic water. The vehicles transporting the water also release minimal carbon to reduce the greenhouses gases emission.

Drinking Waiakea Water has benefits because it is volcanic water. The water has electrolytes that enhance bone structure, hair, and skin, nails, helping blood flow and avoiding free radical damage. The water pH plays an essential role in helping the body to assimilate the minerals and other food supplements that the body needs.

Ryan Emmons is the co-founder and CEO of Waiakea Company. The company has about $10 million value and it complies with FDA guidelines. Ryan says that the water is from a community source. The headquarters of the company is in California. The company has a strong strategy that is futuristic. The business is not just about making money. It is concerned about people’s health and the environment. Social responsibility should be an obligation that every business needs to have. Preserving the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Companies need to be at the forefront of this concept.

Waiakea Water: Volcanic Water that Does More Than Hydrate

In the crowded market for premium bottled water, one company stands separate from the rest. With its focus on local culture and global responsibility, as well as a unique filtration process and exceptional environmental impact standards, Waiakea Water takes bottled water to a new level.

Waiakea Water, meaning “broad waters’ in the Hawaiian language, is bringing the pure, clean taste of the islands to grocery shelves around the world. Based in Hawaii near the Mauna Loa volcano, the bottled water company uses thousands of feet of native volcanic rock to filter its premium water. This unique filtration process infuses the water with a distinct mineral composition and a naturally alkaline pH.

As the first bottled water company to be certified CarbonNeutral, Waiakea Water collects its water from a renewable, sustainable source and uses low-emission vehicles to deliver its products. Its water bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and use a process that employs 85% less energy to manufacture as compared to traditional water bottles.

The company is doubling down on its environmental focus in 2018 by raising the degradability standards for its water bottles. Introducing the world’s first fully degradable bottle, Waiakea’s bottles will fully degrade within 15 years. Comparatively, a typical plastic water bottle takes more than 1000 years to fully break down.

The company’s corporate responsibility extends beyond its water and production practices. The company actively supports community non-profit organizations by donating three percent of its revenue, and the founders have linked their mission to addressing clean water needs in Africa. In collaboration with Pump Aid, Waiakea Water donates a week’s supply of water for each liter of water sold.

With an annual growth rate of 140% and named one of Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies in America, Waiakea Water is quickly emerging as an industry leader.