JD.Com Was Able To Issue a Detailed Corporate Social Responsibility Report

JD.com is an online retailer situated in China. The company also deals with the provision of retail infrastructure. Recently, the corporation was able to issue a corporate social responsibility report. The report contained details about how the firm is dedicated to ensuring that there is global sustainability. Details about Jingdong giving back to the community were also present. The Corporate Social Responsibility report was able to showcase the accomplishments that JD.com has had as from 2013. In the report, the firm also outlined the importance of innovation, sustainability, and empowering the operations within a company. While perusing through the report, you will also come across how the footprint of a company is dedicated to ensuring that there is a positive impact on the global environment and community.

The online retailer has also tried to embrace sustainability by coming up with the Green Stream Initiative and Recycling Program. Such initiatives have contributed significantly to the reduction of waste and emissions. JD.com also has a “giving platform.” By utilizing the advanced forms of technology within the firm, Jingdong has been able to bring together consumers and firms that require supplies. Donated goods have also been able to reach the targeted recipients promptly. Through such projects, the online retailer has been able to bring together the consumers and suppliers by also ensuring that there is transparency in the corporate social responsibility acts by JD.com.

As the largest online retailer in China. Jingdong has been able to realize that the company’s influence is extensive. The company is dedicated to ensuring that they can carry out their errands while also ensuring that there is a positive influence. To attain such goals, JD.com avails its resources and knowledge while also trying to formulate innovative ways that will help to improve the society. In the Corporate Social Responsibility Report, it was indicated that JD.com had received over 2.4 million donations that were issued by more than 600 charity programs through the “giving platform” that was formulated by the online retailer. Jingdong has also offered its support to numerous charity programs through their technology and infrastructure.

Gareth Henry: The Unshaken Investor

Gareth Henry was the managing director to Fortress Investment Group. Immediately after his bachelor’s education, he landed a job at Watson Wyatt where he joined a team of research managers.

In 2007, Gareth Henry moved to work with Fortress Investment Group where he held a senior position in the firm. His responsibilities to the company included running the organization as he was the overall head, supervise the capital and pension treasuries of the organization and in charge of promoting the institution in USA, Europe, and the Middle East. Gareth was also in the front position in regards to the organization’s upgrade. View Gareth Henry’s profile at Linkedin.

Gareth Henry perfected his profession through guiding other entrepreneurs on how to shape and make their products known to their targeted clients. His publicity stunts played a significant role in his career as he was able to relate well with clients at Fortress investment group.

Gareth Henry has been able to look deeper into how successful investors reason in regards to bond, hedge fund investment, and equity. According to him, official stakeholders focus more on a variety of their selection by tallying up hedge funds to the administration of pledges.

More force needs to be placed on the rate of return, to make an invention on policy distribution for stock, bond, and hedge fund investment.

Hedge fund makes it possible to bring in positive returns during economic expansion and declining. Market deterioration measure can be catered for by hedge fund. Hedge funds offer to change that seems not to be connected to unchanging returns.

Equities are well known for outnumbering other stable assets, which include the bond, saving accounts and cash equals. Long-term investors opt for stock investment due to its capability of not taking care of business directly but benefiting from the expansion of the economy.

Bonds are in charge of constant earnings. It offers certain expenses. Bonds focus on safeguarding resources more than stocks.

During an interview, Gareth Henry acknowledged that the teachers he had encountered contributed to his success. The nosiness of raising funds was aggressive, and mentorship brought about consciousness. Humility is also highly acclaimed to be a leader.  Read more news: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160119005597/en/Angelo-Gordon-Names-Gareth-Henry-Managing-Director



Fortress Investment Group: Growth through Experienced Leadership Skills

Fortress Investment Group is a multinational organization that operates in the United States and other countries around the world. The entity has been working the in the wealth management industry, which is a sector under the large volatile and risky financial industry that comprises of some of the world leading investment groups around the world. However, the company has been able to cut its market niche by offering quality services to the customers that are otherwise used to low-quality services as provided by other wealth managers in the industry. The vision of Fortress is to provide customers with practical solutions that will change their perception in the investment industry.

Randal Nardone, who is the founder of Fortress Investment Group emerged from other asset management organizations in the early 1990s. He had gathered essential knowledge and the necessary expertise in the asset and wealth management industry. However, he was not impressed by how organizations were rendering services to their customers. He was, therefore, having an idea of starting an entity in the same industry that would offer high-class services, such that the customers visiting the institution will be satisfied and they would wish to come back for more ideas on investment.

To implement his ideas, Nardone had to look for experts in various fields who would spearhead the start of an organization that was geared to offering quality services than there before. One of the people he brought was Wes Edens, an experienced guru in the field of financial analysis and asset management. The second piece of the puzzle that has since proved to be a masterstroke is the incorporation of Peter Briger, a well-known economic analysis which has significant knowledge in asset management and investment in alternative assets.

Through the leadership of the three, Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group has reached significant heights that other organizations are struggling to comprehend. It is through leadership that Fortress Investment has been able to be the world leader in customer service delivery, number of customers seeking investment consultancy from the organization, and the tremendous asset base that characterize Fortress Investment Group.

The DAMAC Owner is Mastering the Real Estate Industry

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. The company was founded in 2002 and its headquarters is the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai. The DAMAC owner focuses on residential, commercial and leisure development in the Middle East, as well as Dubai. The company also invests in real estate projects by other developers. DAMAC also partners with financial entities such as Noor Bank to offer financing for some of their residential properties.

Sajwani has developed a partnership with the Trump Organization and sees the partnership as beneficial for both companies. The two companies have collaborated on the Trump International Golf Club and sold luxury villas for almost $2 billion in sales. Not only has Sajwani dealt with Donald Trump, he also deals with his children Ivanka, Donald, Jr., and Eric. Donald Trump has promised he will not be making any deals with Sajwani, as he will hand the control and operation of the company to his children. His collaboration with the Trump Organization will continue with his children.

The two families have become great friends and the Hussain Sajwani family takes great pride in being friends with the people he works with. It makes the relationship more personal rather than a cold, sterile relationship. The Trump children represent the family brand to investors admirably. Sajwani admires the commitment the children have for the business and are diligent in their relations with other countries and use social media to relay information about business meetings with others.

Because of Trumps election as the president of the United States, Sajwani feels his business has been enhanced. The association he has with the Trump Organization, as with Donald Trump himself speaks volumes as the Trump name is recognized and greatly respected throughout the world.

Before the real estate business, DAMAC was involved in the food industry. Through diverse business dealings, he has developed the ability to cultivate friends and business contacts in high places, as well as on an international level. He is putting his unique business ability to great use as he positions DAMAC to take full advantage of the real estate recovery in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He provided public stock offerings through the London Stock Exchange (LSE), as it becomes one of the best initial public offerings vehicles.

Sajwani finds real estate development challenging, but preferable to the food service industry. The profit margins for real estate are higher than the food industry. Real estate tends to be more flexible even with tougher regulations, but overall that is seen as a very good thing, especially for Dubai Know how Sajwani rebuilt Dubai’s real estate market, here.

Get in touch: https://twitter.com/hussainsajwani?lang=ar

Fashion, Trends, Maximizing Beauty With Victoria Doramus

One of the common desires of people is that they want to feel attractive. Fortunately, there are ways that they can feel attractive. One way that they can do this is through fashion. There are a lot of different colors and other aspects of style that can help people bring out their best appearance. However, there are some people that might need a little extra help. Fortunately, they can get that help from people who have experience in the world of fashion. One such person is Victoria Doramus. She has done a lot of work as a marketer, ghostwriter and blogger when it comes to fashion.

According to www.crunchbase.com, one of the latest things that she has done in the world of fashion was put together a collection with Tradesy, an online fashion retailer. With Tradesy, women have a choice from among plenty of different styles to choose from. Fortunately, the collection that Victoria has put together is something that can give women clues on what they can do to find the style that they can show off and feel their best in. Given that Victoria has been writing about fashion on many different levels, women can trust Victoria’s tastes in fashion.

The person who benefits the most from fashion is the one who knows what she wants. She is the one who is not going to give much regard to what others think about her. Instead, she is going to make sure that she is wearing clothes that she personally likes. Victoria’s collection might have some items that are representative of that person’s style. One thing that Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) is able to do when it comes to fashion is market it in a way that is going to attract a lot of customers from different walks of life. She has done some marketing work for fashion retailers like J. Crew.

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Jim Toner: From Rags to Riches

Jim Toner is a real estate entrepreneur and businessman based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is very successful at what he does, but he didn’t start out that way. Once he graduated high school, Toner worked at odd jobs, making an honest living. But his honest living just wasn’t cutting it. He was unhappy with his life, and he wasn’t making enough to be comfortable. It was a book about real estate investing that caught his eye and changed his whole world.

According to Jim Toner, he realized that many self-proclaimed gurus were just out to make a buck, and to scam people into giving it to them. Toner himself admits that he made every mistake he ever could in the real estate business, but that was his saving grace. He decided that if he already made these mistakes, no one else should have to. So he wrote a book and taught coaching seminars to educate people interested in real estate. He shared the real facts and tools about real estate investing. In doing so, he was able to surround himself with a team of like minded investors. He and his team now have a successful business doing what they love.

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner believes that his 25 years of experience not only serve him, but serve anyone willing to listen and learn. He is interested in helping people, by learning how to correctly navigate the real estate business. He is now a very successful real estate businessman, author, and philanthropist. Toner is living proof of practicing what you preach, as he still actively participates in the real estate field. He has fresh success stories and business approaches for his seminars and coaching sessions. He seeks to help people run their businesses in the most effective way possible.He wants to teach people, so they spend less time working for money and more time on what’s really important, their lives. Get in touch with Jim Toner on Facebook.

My source: https://www.score.org/mentors/jim-toner

Jed McCaleb and Stellar are Trying to Unite The World’s Banks

There are few people in the blockchain technology as respected as Jed McCaleb. That’s why when he told CNBC that the blockchain industry would one day be a vital part of the banking industry people listened.

Jed McCaleb’s career, even for a programmer, has been unusual. McCaleb switches fields on a whim, and he has worked in a large variety of different industries. He has used his programming knowledge to positively change every industry he has been a part of.

The first industry that benefited from McCaleb’s knowledge was peer-to-peer filesharing. Back when Napster was the big name in downloading, McCaleb was working to innovate. Napster relied on a centralized server to house their downloads, and ultimately, this is what got them in trouble. eDonkey, McCaleb’s creation, simply allowed users to directly share files with each other. It was like friends sharing CDs and DVDs, instead of a company giving out content for free.

According to Global Coin Report, McCaleb’s next stop was video games. He didn’t design them or test them though. He created a third party marketplace for players of Magic: The Gathering Online to exchange in-game assets. This marketplace was called Mt. Gox.

Now McCaleb is involved in his biggest, most important venture to date: Stellar. Stellar deals with cryptocurrency but not in the standard way. Where most companies are using bitcoin and other cryptocurrency for questionable means to an end, Stellar is trying to change the world. Stellar is connect banks together, making it possible to conduct transfers and transactions at incredible speeds.

With McCaleb working to implement blockchain into the banking industry, it is no surprise that he was able to make his prediction.

“In the future, I think it’s pretty clear to me there will be a universal payments network,” McCaleb said to CNBC.

McCaleb has the knowledge to make this prediction because it is his company that is attempting to become this universal payment network.

Contact Jed Mccaleb on LinkedIn.

Visit this page: https://cointelegraph.com/tags/jed-mccaleb

Hussain Sajwani’s Excellent Business Skills in the Real Estate Industry

About Hussain Sajwani’s Business

Hussain Sajwani is a renowned businessman from UAE who is the founder and chairman of Damac Properties. He was recently ranked as one of the billionaires in UAE after the rising of his company’s share price from Dhs2.69 in January to almost Dhs3.4 in November on the Dubai Financial Market. This was after Mr. Sajwani’s company partnered with Trump’s organization to open Damac’s first golf club in February. As a result, Hussain Sajwani’s net worth increased remarkably from $3.7bn to $4.3bn.

Under Mr. Sajwani’s leadership, the firm has grown tremendously where it launched a new project in December 2012 and the 42 million square foot Damac Hills project in 2013. The Damac Company has so far developed 19,855 units where 14,530 were established after 2012, which include 1,923 units developed in the last nine months. This year, Mr. Sajwani anticipates that the Company will complete 2,800 units once the firm finalizes on the development of Damac Hills Properties and the Damac Towers.

Nonetheless, the profitability report for the company still shows a decline in the third quarter as the current developments are yet to be included in its report. Again, Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, remains optimistic since the company’s sale momentum is on the rise as it is still advancing its portfolio of hotels and apartments that amounts to 30% of its sales. Besides, Damac Properties is currently working on the two projects that it received this year in Amman and Riyadh where it is responsible for the development of DAMAC Esclusiva and the Heights.

About Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani was born at around 1953 where his father was also a businessman who imported and sold goods from China. He went to the University of Washington in the US and graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He would then work in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries where he served in the finance department before starting a business in the catering sector. Moreover, Hussein Sajwani moved to the real estate sector in 2002 when he established the Damac properties in the Middle East where it was recently named as the fastest growing company by the Forbes 2017 Global 2000 List.

Helpful resource: http://www.saudiprojects.net/

Roberto Santiago  Known for His Successful Entrepreneurial Ventures across Brazil

The entertainment scene in Brazil has been catching up in the past few decades, and the tourism industry contributes heavily to the country’s economy as well. The infrastructure of the country has seen a significant transformation in the past few years, and it includes the opening of the enormous shopping malls and recreational centers for the local people across the country.


Roberto Santiago has also contributed to the growth in the real estate sector in the country and is the owner of the two of the largest and most popular shopping malls in the country. Roberto Santiago owns Mangabeira Shopping Mall and the Manaira Shopping Mall. These two malls have become highly popular among the people in the cities they are located and has taken the definition of entertainment and shopping to another level with its launch.


Roberto Santiago started the construction of the Manaira Shopping Mall after the success he achieved with the Mangabeira Shopping Mall. He understood that the local people are looking for entertainment based places and the shopping malls are increasingly becoming the go-to comprehensive recreational centers in the country. The Roberto Santiago, Manaira Shopping Mall, has the international essence in its design and construction, and Roberto Santiago has ensured that no aspects of its design and development are compromised.


The fact that the Manaira Shopping Mall is spread through the vast area of over 135,000 square meters speaks a lot about the scale at which it has been constructed. The mall does not only contain shopping places, but also has a bank, school, garden, gymnasium, movie theatre, food court, shopping center, restaurants, kids’ zone, and much more.


Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall is particularly popular for the movie theatre it has. The mall has a total of eight screens with three of them has unique 3D technology that promises immersive and real life like movie watching experience. Along with enjoying the movie, there are a lot of snack and beverage options available for the moviegoers. For people who are looking to enjoy shopping as well as have a fun time with their friends and family, Manaira Shopping Mall is the best destination in the whole of Joao Pessoa. The mall is located in the area known as Manaira, and hence, the name of the mall is Manaira Shopping Mall.


One other reason behind the massive popularity of Manaira Shopping Mall is its large food court that serves delicacies from across the globe. Some of the famous fast food chains have their outlet at the mall’s food court. There are also quite a few fine dining restaurants at Manaira Shopping Mall, the most famous of which is Capital Steak House. It is one of the most popular restaurants in the city and is visited by hundreds of locals and tourists every day.



The Impeccable Roles of Hussain Sajwani in Real Estate in Dubai

Hussain Sajwani is a real estate developer who is based in Dubai. Mr. Hussain schooled in the United States at the University of Washington where he attained his degree in economics and industrial engineering. He has served in firms such as the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. In this organization, he worked in the finance department. He later moved and decided to work with the Bechtel Company and the United States military in a project publicly known as the Global Logistic Services. He, later on, decided to launch his own company known as the Damac Properties which is one of the largest companies in the Middle East. The company under the strong leadership of Mr. Hussain as the president majorly focuses on real estate.

According to Crunchbase, Damac Property Company has been able to construct more than nineteen thousand apartments and has also generated more than forty-four thousand units in the Middle East. Following the company’s strong leadership and hard work, it has also worked on several projects such as the luxury villas styled by Bugatti, tiger wood that is managed by Donald Trump organization, hotels and resorts that are partnered with the paramount pictures, interior design by Fendi and Versace and many more. These projects have helped Damac Property Company to elevate quickly and be recognized by the Gulf Business as being amongst the top influential businesses in the Middle East.

Mr. Hussain (@hussainsajwani) is linked with the current United States president, Mr. Donald Trump following their great relationship in the business sector. Damac Property Company together with Trumps organization have worked on a project which turned out to be successful and has generated a lot of sales and profits for both organizations. Both Donald Trump and Mr. Hussain Sajwani have a great relationship and share the same views that concern business.

Damac Property Company under the management of Mr. Hussain Sajwani has more than two thousand employees who are talented and offer incredible work for the company and the people of the Middle East. Apart from managing Damac Property Company, Mr. Hussain is also a philanthropist. He supports charity projects in Dubai including emirates red crescent and many more.

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