HGGC, leading venture capital and private equity firm

HGGC is a privately held global leading middle-market private equity firm. It was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Palo Alto California. The firm specializes in restructuring the middle market private and public companies, add on acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, public to private, platform investments, and platform investments. Currently, the company employs over 60,000 employees globally and has $4.3 cumulative capital commitments. The company has a successful portfolio of overseas companies too. Since its inception, HGGC has completed transactions of over $17 billion value in recapitalizations, platform investments, add on acquisitions and liquidity events.

The management team of HGGC is made up of a group of highly talented seasonal professionals. The team has a vast collective and operational experience which plays a significant role in steering the company forward. The firm seeks to make partnerships with like-minded partners to achieve mutually beneficial success. In addition, the company is structured to bring exceptional practices in venture capital and private equity to carve out middle market businesses that outperform and thrive well in the highly competitive market. To achieve this, the firm seeks to invest in diversified enterprises to obtain high returns. Also, the firm seeks to invest in the following sectors; consumer products, industrial services, healthcare, chemicals, infrastructure, financial services, business services, software, emerging technologies, and information services sectors. Besides, the firm seeks to add incredible talent into the management team to broaden on the opportunities as well as enhance capability.

HGGC has a long and an impressive track of record in add on acquisitions. As per the mission of the company, the firm invests in middle market companies they believe have the potential to scale up through the heights to ta attain leading competitive positions in the market. The firm has distinguished itself in the market by demonstrating its ability to spot and acquire scalable enterprises through partnerships with stakeholders. Advantage investing is the overall goal of the company, where the firm seeks to drive positive interests and outcomes from investments that lead to enhanced networks, and reliable references. Over the years, the company has made a lot of highly attractive deals to add expertise and skills to the company. It has invested in technology companies to ensure that the company’s technology is up to date as well as promote innovativeness as a critical driver of business. Due to the remarkable mark that HGGC has made in the market, the firm won a prestigious award in 2014.


Stream Energy And The Stream Cares Foundation

A direct selling energy and life services company, Stream Energy was founded in 2005. They provide their customers with everything from reduced cost clean energy to international wireless phone plans, and even virtual doctors! They bring their services to customers in Texas, Georgia, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and even the nations capital, Washington D.C.

All of Stream Energy’s employees are very involved with their communities. In Dallas, Texas where the company is headquartered, they help track and supply much needed support to the homeless population of the city. They do this with the help of local charities such as Hope, the Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity. All of these wonderful philanthropic acts are under the guidance of Stream Cares, Stream Energy’s community outreach company arm. When Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas in horrifying fashion, Stream Cares took it upon themselves to help fund the recovery efforts. They were one of the first companies to step forward with relief efforts.

In a recent article about Stream Cares, which is featured on patch.com, the company is said to have “corporate philanthropy in their DNA”. Stream Energy formed Stream Cares over 12 years ago, only a few years after the company was founded. Being a major part of the communities wherein they operate is an essential part of the company’s brand. The associates of Stream Energy, through their direct sales, form long-lasting, loyal relationships with their customers.

Another of their more recent philanthropic endeavors, which is also featured on patch.com, involved a local charity, Hope. Together, Hope and Stream Energy helped over 1,000 homeless children in northern Texas by covering the entrance fee and buying food for all of them at the annual Splash for Hope.

Companies like Stream are helping to make a big difference in their communities and change the public view of large corporations. Hopefully in the future, more businesses will follow this model to help improve our way of life for all Americans!!!


Stream Energy Helps More People with Energy Issues

Since Stream Energy started offering their services, they’ve been able to give people positive opportunities. The company spent a lot of time learning about what people needed and how they could work as a great energy supplier. They also learned about what customers needed to stay happy no matter what issues they ran into with the energy they had. Stream Energy focused on providing great rates with great customer service.

Lower rates are one of the most important things that people can do and it’s something that makes the company the best they can be. Stream Energy believes they know what they’re going to do and that’s how they focus on what they need to do for others. Stream Energy believes in the best way to do things while they also know what they can get from the industry opportunities they have.

Customers can get a chance at a better experience with Stream. The company does a lot to help their customers and even gives them a chance to lower their energy bill through different ventures. It’s important to the company to focus on how they can help their customers while also doing a lot to provide for all the options they have. By doing this, they set themselves apart from many of the other electric providers in a variety of states. Thanks to this hard work they put into the business, they feel they have a chance to do more than what most people would typically expect from them.

There are things that make sense for Stream Energy to do and that’s why they push to make things easier for all their clients. They also know what they can do to make things better for everyone. As long as they spend time giving people positive experiences, they can make the company even better. It’s important to them to try things that can help and it’s also important for them to focus on what changes they can make for the future. Stream has a lot of goals for expanding and Stream Cares is one of those things. They’ll help more people by using their philanthropic efforts.


Lincolnshire Management Uses Their Expertise for Companies

When New York-based Lincolnshire Management started, they knew they had a great opportunity to make a difference for people who needed it. The company also knew they had a chance to do more than most other businesses thanks to the experience they had in different areas of equity management. As long as the company continues growing, they know they can keep supporting different options and doing everything the best way possible. It’s important for Lincolnshire Management to make sure they can help people while they also focus on what they’re doing with a variety of other issues. Even though Lincolnshire Management knows what they want out of their own company, they feel they can do more for other companies too! It’s part of being in the B2B industry and it gives Lincolnshire Management the chance to make a name for themselves. Since they’re an equity management firm, they feel they can do so much more than what others see in different companies.

When businesses choose to work with Lincolnshire Management, they feel they’re getting the best treatment possible. For this reason, Lincolnshire Management continues growing and managing different accounts. They like to have a variety of businesses in their portfolio and that’s part of what helps them show people they can try things that are different. It’s also something that makes the company see better opportunities in new lights. Thanks to their hard work and the push they get from being a strong company, they feel they can keep branching out and helping more customers.

Even though they’re based in New York, they do a lot of business out of their regional office in Chicago. The company spends a lot of time working to acquire new clients and that’s why they push to make everything better for the clients they do have. Since they spend so much time learning about new opportunities and doing things that make a difference for people, they can plan to keep doing positive things for everyone who needs them. Even when they struggle with clients, they know they have a chance to help people through equity management.

See the company overview here https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Lincolnshire-Management-EI_IE108393.11,34.htm

Cloudwick Data Lake Foundation

There are a lot of advantages to cloud lake technology. Cloudwick has taken these into consideration in every aspect of their infrastructure design. By developing steadfast solutions to contemporary problems, they have improved the visibility of their innovative products and services. People are able to gain significantly based on the development of these key infrastructure systems. Cloudwick uses data lake systems to deploy data to any industry vertical. The company applies an ELT (extract, load, and transformation) methodology to launch data. The ELT is more effective compared to ETL (extract, transformation, and load) methods used in a traditional data warehouse. Cloudwick partners with AWS which holds AWS Big Data Competency as an important variable. The company provides a data lake jumpstart to assist clients to deploy, migrate and pilot into a production of a fully functional data lake streaming system on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Cloudwick uses a Quick Start system to send data to its customers too. Customers can use Quick Start to obtain their own data lake up and streaming in about 20 minutes. They don’t charge for consulting fees. Users only incur the cost to run it on AWS. Cloudwick Quick Start gives a data lake foundation that connects to various AWS services that help the customer to move both structures and unstructured data from their on-premises environment to the AWS Cloud. The migrated data will then be stored, monitored and analyzed. In order to use the data, one will be required to capture metadata to identify streaming practices in the lake. Doing so will provide substantially gainful. It will also help in the organization of larger amounts of data for complex end user goals. These are just some of the ways that the company has advanced the technology as well as its application to contemporary businesses.

By including data lake technology in their suite of services it is clear that Cloudwick will be at the forefront of contemporary data science and management. They have grown significantly in the past few years and will continue to do so for years to come.





HGGC Is Focused On Growth And Branching Out Across The Middle Market

HGGC is a private equity firm that works with middle market companies to help them increase performance and encourage growth. They have a team of highly experienced and trained industry professionals who deliver results to clients.

A Major Merger

One of their most recent major consolidation efforts was between RPX and Riptide Parent LLC. The merger would consist of RPX becoming part of Riptide Parent which is an affiliate of HGGC. The shares of RPX were offered for $10.50 per share during the proposed merger agreement. Once the transaction was completed, RPX would officially become a privately held company.

Branching Out And Growing Consistently

Currently, HGGC has $4.3 billion in total investments and has a total transaction value of $17 billion. The company is currently by Richard F. Lawson Jr. who serves as the company’s CEO. Gregory M. Benson, Leslie M. Brown Jr., and Steve Young make up the remaining list of executives responsible for leading the company to such success. The company invests in a variety of different markets including industrial, consumer, and tech-enabled services. Their primary focus right now is technology, however, and they are focusing on helping companies update their current technology resources to keep them competitive. Most of the investments are located in the United States, but they are also branching out to other countries.

The company was originally called H&G capital Partners in 2008 but was forced to change their name in light of legal action taken against the company due to their name. They changed it to Huntsman Gay Global Capital but were forced to once again Change their name to the abbreviated HGGC version when the CEO Robert Gay left to become the general authority to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Since then the company has been simply known as HGGC and have been dominating the field since.


Talkspace Knows What to Do to Help Clients

When Talkspace first started, they knew they had a big chance to help a lot of people. The company also knew they needed to do things differently if they wanted a chance to show people things would continue getting better. As long as they spent time trying to figure out the best way to run their business, they felt they had a chance to help even more people. After learning about what to do and how to make a difference for everyone, the company learned about the right way to give back. The ideas they had for therapy gave them a chance to reach out and show people how they could do things the right way. It also made them want to see how they could find a solution to the issues so many people had when trying to find a talk therapist. There were many ways the company worked to make solutions better and that’s what pushed them to do the best job possible. See more about of Talkspace at thegurardian.com

No matter what happened to the company or what people went through when using the company, they knew they had a chance to show others the right way to look toward the future. It also made people want to get more options. Since Talkspace showed people they could do talk therapy without the need to go to an office, they made a lot of people happy. This made the company one of the best options for people looking for alternative solutions to getting the help they needed.

There were times when Talkspace struggled to make sure they could help others and they could get options for the people they always tried helping. The ideas they had allowed them to show more people the right way to do things. It also made others understand the right way to handle different situations. As long as the company had the positive experiences they could use, they knew what would happen that would allow them to show people the right options. It also made things easier so they could do more with the others they were offering solutions for.

Learn more: https://www.askmen.com/dating/dating_advice/talkspace-couples-therapy-review.html


Fortress Investment Group’s Brightline Partnering With Travel Giant Virgin

Brightline has been making headlines for its high-speed train travel across Florida that may soon be making its way to a city near you. Millions of people travel each year by train and Brightline by Fortress Investment Group is hoping to reach more of that market with their partnership that was recently announced with Virgin. Virgin has been interested in travel by brain for years and developed an interest in the privately-held company at an early stage in their development.

When Richard Branson visited Wes Edens, a chairman and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, they discussed how they could expand the company across the United States. At this point in time, the company had just opened their first 3 stops in Florida. They are hoping to add Orlando Tampa to their stops in Florida of Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach in the near future. Next year, there are plans to begin construction on a proposed route from a city in Southern California and Las Vegas. As long as the acquisition of XpressWest goes through and they receive all the necessary approvals by the federal government, they should be able to start sometime next year. Learn more about Fortress Investment Group at Bloomberg.

Virgin is already a well-known brand in the travel industry for Virgin Airlines. In fact, they already operated a train system in the United Kingdon as well known as Virgin Trains. Virgin has been running this rail system for more than 2 decades. Fortress Investment Group hopes that their popularity last year of upwards of 38 million trips will bode well for Brightline’s future as Virgin Trains USA. The rebranding of Brightline will not be taking place until sometime in 2019.

With plans to expand into even more cities across the country, the marketing and travel industry expertise of Virgin might just be the perfect partner for Fortress Investment Group as they work towards innovating the travel industry. Virgin is now a small stakeholder in Brightline after making a minority investment that will be managed by Fortress Investment Group. The partnership between Brightline and Virgin is expected to last through all current and future projects as well.

Read: https://www.bizjournals.com/newyork/cotm/detail/309/Fortress-Investment-Group


Foundation of InnovaCare Health by CEO Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health was founded in 1998 by CEO and President Richard Shinto. This was when he joined NAMM- North American Medical Management in California. He noticed a gap in operational skills among physicians and payers. He, therefore, worked with NAMM to assist healthcare providers in offering quality care more effectively.


Dr. Shinto is the CEO and President of InnovaCare subsidiaries through MMM Holdings. This includes MMM Healthcare; the leading Medicare Advantage plan which manages more than 250,000 people in Puerto Rico. Before joining NAMM, he was the CMO and COO for Medical Pathways Management Company. In 1995 to 1997, he served in MedPartners as the Vice President of Medical Management.

Penelope Kokkinides serves as Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health since June 2015. Formerly she served as COO of InnovaCare and Aveta Inc. and Vice President of Clinical Operations. Before rejoining InnovaCare, she served as COO and Executive Vice President for Centerlight HealthCare.

Awards won by Dr. Rick Shinto

He has won many awards for his outstanding achievements in the medical field and leadership skills. They include:


  • Access to Caring Award


  • 2018’s Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare Award


  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award-2012


InnovaCare Health Approach

InnovaCare Inc. is a major provider of managed healthcare services in N. America. It offers these services through two main avenues; Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. Their main focus is to provide quality healthcare through advanced technology, sustainable models which are cost-effective & fully integrated.

Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017. InnovaCare Health was very instrumental in restoring healthcare services on the island. The company is dedicated to promoting health equity, especially to the vulnerable patients. Due to the company’s centric model, its healthcare plans have received NCQA accreditation. It’s the only company in Puerto Rico with 4.5-star rating from CMS- Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

A team of healthcare experts leads InnovaCare Health. The leaders have many years of combined experience in care delivery and managed care. Therefore, they can effectively help healthcare providers to meet the rising demands of this industry. This integrated model has promoted patient care and supported physician’s resources.


InnovaCare Health has changed many lives by offering affordable healthcare to all. The leadership team has played a major role in implementing their integrated model. This has brought a great breakthrough in the healthcare industry which is facing financial pressure every day.


Talos Energy, Pemex and the Zama Drilling Project…

What is the Zama Drilling Project?

The Zama Drilling project is going to be made of various groups, but the two most important ones are Talos Energy and also Pemex. Talos Energy is a company from the United States of America. Oil production is of a high level of interest for them just as it is for Pemex. Pemex is a state ran entity for the Mexican government. Their goal, as well, is to produce oil and similar fossil energies. Together, these groups of drillers will be investing over $325 million dollars in new infrastructure. The infrastructure will be used to drill in two pond locations along the southern Gulf of Mexico.

They were Next to Each other Anyway…

Pemex has been drilling there for some time now. Talos Energy would love to have their drilling numbers. What’s in it for Pemex? Well, the president of Mexico feels that they could have had a lot better production numbers for the past decade and a half. Once Talos gets started in their neighboring area, they’ll have plenty of everything to contribute to the state ran oil producer. It’s a situation that will assist all of those involved. The combined investment in new drilling infrastructure (shared by the group,) is nothing to bat an eyelash at either! That amount comes very close to half a billion dollars.

Where the Gas will wind up is Important…

Where all of this gas will wind up is the most important part of this story. It will wind up in the US and Mexico. It will wind up in the local markets, and this is good. These are two countries that have dealt with the issues of oil dependence for some time. By working together, they are freeing each other in a sort of way. Click here