Be Taken Seriously at Brown Modelling Agency

Modeling and talent agencies are about a dime a dozen. It can be difficult to tell the con-jobs from the real job opportunities a lot of times. Rarely do you find an agency with the right attitude and the industry connections that allow models to truly succeed. Luckily for those looking to break in, The Brown Agency has a sterling track record of success.

The Brown Agency out of Austin, TX swiftly became a leader in the industry of modeling talent. Their ability to meet and even exceed the industry expectations with the quality models they represent has established them in the field. They are sought after professionals in the fashion and modeling world. Their tremendous networking access makes The Brown Agency positively invaluable to both models, and those who need them.

According to Market Wired, for those who are new to the industry and even those hoping to get back into it, the big jobs can really seem out of reach. Legitimate commercials can seem impossible to book and runway jobs often seem like a distant, far away dream. However, with The Brown Agency, the impossible becomes possible and dreams can be close enough to reach out and grab. When it comes to talent placement, The Brown Agency has it covered. Their clients have been seen working with huge companies such as Louis Vuitton and Loreal on various projects and campaigns. Marketing commercials and ad campaigns for such widely recognizable names is phenomenal exposure, both globally and domestically. The Brown Agency has also provided a number of models with the opportunity for runway fashion show work such as the local Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, and even New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week. These events allow the models to make a name for them while showing off their polished skills in front of a live audience.

When it comes to the most reliable and dependable modeling representation in Austin, there is no better place to look than The Brown Agency. They cultivate the most gifted, professional, elegant and dependable talent and pair them with the esteemed, high-profile jobs they deserve. Their history speaks for itself.

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Why Death Note is Great


The Best Anime Available on Netflix


When it comes to Netflix anime, you owe it to yourself to check out some all time great anime. If you have to make just one choice, make sure that you go with Death Note. This is a great launching point whether you are just getting into anime and want a go-to show or would like to expand your horizons and watch a must-see series. With this in mind, think about these points.


What is Death Note about?


In Death Note, Light, a charismatic, intelligent high school student comes upon a mysterious notebook that allows him to write the name of people who will be killed. He has this power to be killed due the aid of the Shinagami, a dark spirit figure that is the guardian of the notebook, who only the owner of the Death Note can see. Light is the son of the police chief, so this creates an interesting dynamic, as his father is investigating “Kirra”, the holder of the Death Note.


What is the latest with Death Note?


Death Note is considered by many anime fans one of the top anime series’ of all time. It has received a resurgence due to the fact that a Netflix produced live action version of Death Note is coming out this year. This will only raise the popularity of Death Note, in addition to potentially increasing the sales of the manga that the anime was based on.


Consider this in order to see if Death Note is the show for you.

Sexy Time Makes it Real


While being an actor, you sometimes are required to do some crazy and outrageous things! While not being in the pornography industry, though, many thought they would actually be having real sex while on camera! Actual intercourse can actually give the movie genuine authenticity so it is rumored that some of these movies show scenes where the actors and actresses are actually engaging in real intercourse, real sex in movies!


  1. Little Ashes: This film stars Robert Pattinson and he has admitted that in this film he was really masturbating to make it seem more realistic. Robert Pattinson admitted that faking it just wouldn’t cut it for this film!
  2. Lie With Me: The audience probed quite a bit at the fact that the numerous sex scenes in this film seemed very realistic. Eventually, the stars of the film owned up to it and admitted that those scenes were in fact real.
  3. Wetlands: Carla Juri stars as a teenager in this film. During the movie she refuses to uphold cleanliness, she even masturbates with vegetables. In one scene during the film, a group of guys masturbate onto a pizza and this was not made fake at all!
  4. Intimacy: In this film, two complete strangers have anonymous sex. The sex scenes in this film were also unsimulated, making them much more realistic.


There are numerous films throughout Hollywood history that have used real sex instead of simulated sex. This has given those movies just that much more authenticity and it has been shown that the fans approve!