Paul Mampilly Wants Everyone to Profit

Working with the 1% gave Paul Mampilly his start in the financial sector. After graduating from Fordham University with an MBA, he began his working career at Bankers Trust, then went on to a variety of banks. As his successes accumulated, he eventually became the manager of a 25 billion dollar hedge fund. But his heart wasn’t set on making the richest people in the business world wealthier. It was helping the everyday investor accumulate their own portfolios so they too could enjoy financial security.

With this goal in mind, he started a newsletter with Banyon Publishing that has over 90,000 subscribers, and Paul Mampilly dream has come true. He spends over 12 hours a day watching the market and then spreading his knowledge amongst his followers. He keeps watch over specific companies he feels will be profitable, and he is free with his investing advice that helps you and your neighbor achieve your financial goals.

Here are a few tips he has shared.

  • Newer investors often make the mistake of investing in a single company. As the old saying goes, it’s risky to put all your eggs in one basket. Spreading the risk is key, and mutual funds are often a great choice.


  • Making investments when you are feeling great about the market. This can be the worst time to buy. Paul Mampilly encourages people to invest when the market is going through a downturn, snapping up stocks at a cheap price that give higher rewards.

Currently, Paul Mampilly admires Tesla and the company’s founder Elon Musk. He gives kudos to Musk for starting Tesla when there wasn’t a market for electric vehicles. His long range view of where the market was heading has made investors in Tesla richer. Helping the average investor to succeed in the world of finance has been beneficial for everyone, and it has only added to his stellar reputation.


Marc Beer – article recap

Marc Beer For Women’s Health


Renowned CEO Marc Beer recently made headlines recently when his new corporation Renovia announced they are pushing forward with the release of several new products of pelvic floor disorder products to help with women’s health. The funding comes from a Series B round which closed with an amount of $32 million in addition to venture debt totaling $10 million.


The newly-formed company is focused on developing such products as diagnostic and therapeutic products to aid in the relief of urinary incontinence. Researchers in the United States estimate that this particular medical disorder plagues 250 million women all over the world. The first product, which goes by the name of Leva, was approved by the FDA back in April. This is obviously the first product to hit the market, but certainly no the first.


Beer partnered with a funding group known as the Longwood Fund to harness the capital. The Fund has long been interested in searching out for new and novel ways to produce cutting-edge medical treatments, With this level of funding, Beer hopes to introduce 4 more treatment methods and devices to the market soon, as well as a new generation of the already released Leva.


This should not surprise anyone who has followed the career of Marc Beer. He has a wealth of experience he brings to the table include 25 years exclusively focusing on the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors of the marketplace. He is renowned throughout the medical investment community as an executive who is not afraid to take chances. He has exhibited an unusual knack for predicting what future demands in both consumer demand and medical needs entail.


Marc Beer stated he was quite excited with the new rollout and all that it entails as the new company not only gets to make a huge difference in women’s lives all over the world but gets to leverage some of their proprietary technology such as their digital platform and the form technology. All of this coincides with the recent announcements which, once again in the career of Marc Beer, had the world in awe. Learn more: