Dr. Saad Saad: Helping the Less Fortunate with their Medical Conditions

The people of Palestine are thankful to Dr. Saad Saad for initiating a series of medical missions in their territory. Years of conflict with its neighbor led to the deterioration of medical care among the locals, but medical missions being conducted in Palestine helps a lot of people, especially those who require immediate medical attention.

Since the beginning, the kind hearted doctor wanted to help the Palestinians, and one of the reasons is because he used to live in Palestine when he was a child, but they were later evicted. His family moved to Kuwait, and he spent the rest of his childhood there. It was also in Kuwait when he decided to become a doctor, just for him to be able to work inside an air-conditioned area. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

The people of Palestine who were attended by the group of Dr. Saad Saad are grateful because they finally identified what their conditions are. Several children who have an extreme medical condition were taken to the United States for further examination.

These children suffered the most injuries, but they were later treated using the advanced medical equipment in the United States. These children were later given the chance to start over in the United States, and they are thankful to the group of Dr. Saad Saad for giving them another chance to rebuild their lives. The doctor said that he is not yet finished with his calling to help out the locals living in Palestine, and insisted that there will be more medical missions that will be sponsored by him and his colleagues.

Dr. Saad is an excellent surgeon, and he went under excessive training after he came into the United States to become a licensed general surgeon and pediatric surgeon. His career in the United States focused on helping people, who need his expertise in surgery, and through his career, a lot of people were treated from their condition, and they are very grateful to their surgeon who did everything just to save their lives.

Dr. Saad Saad even patented two different inventions to execute swift and painless surgical procedures to his patients. However, these inventions – the electro-magnetic catheter and the endoscope – never got promoted to other doctors around the world, and he is already doing his part in encouraging other doctors to use the devices and techniques that he developed.

The celebrated doctor stated that he will continue to develop new things that would improve the surgical practice in the United States, while at the same time continually serving the people who needed medical assistance, especially those who are living in heavily-conflicted areas.

He also said that deserving cases which requires advanced medical treatment will be taken with him to the United States, giving the people a chance to succeed in life.

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