Steve Ritchie At The Helm

The new CEO of Papa John’s is working tirelessly to be more profitable and more inclusive at every level of the company. The company has shown they are willing to do the work it takes to move forward in a positive manner. Steve Ritchie is forging new partnerships with the communities that Papa John’s serves by creating a foundation that supports organizations whose efforts are to fight the biases that work to keep people apart and work towards bringing people together. Within the company, Steve Ritchie has been working hard to inform not only the leadership but all others within Papa John’s about the need for inclusion and more diversity within the leadership of the company.

Leadership team members have completed unconscious bias training and have plans to expand it company wide. Steve Ritchie and other company leaders have also visited franchisees across the country to hear their experiences, ideas and expectations from the company. Ritchie is also seeking guidance from a specially assembled team of diversity and inclusion experts to help the company move forward and meet it’s goals in the short and long term.

The company is also looking forward to their minority-owned franchise expansion and development program which will make the company more inclusive while boosting revenues. Papa John’s is also forming a foundation that will support causes that bring people together. The company has over 120,000 employees and franchisees across the country. It’s reach is significant and it is with this reach that Papa John’s will move the company forward in a more inclusive way.

Steve Ritchie said that when he became CEO that diversity, inclusion, and equity became his top priorities. Shortly after he also stated “I’ve been listening along with my team members. I’ve heard their hurt, disappointment and anger, and that of our franchisees, our customers—and those who used to be,” he said. “And now we’re all looking inwards, reclaiming the responsibilities Papa John’s has to our partners, customers and communities. In thinking about what we want the Papa John’s name to stand for moving forward, we’re now going where we should have been all along.”