Cloudwick Data Lake Foundation

There are a lot of advantages to cloud lake technology. Cloudwick has taken these into consideration in every aspect of their infrastructure design. By developing steadfast solutions to contemporary problems, they have improved the visibility of their innovative products and services. People are able to gain significantly based on the development of these key infrastructure systems. Cloudwick uses data lake systems to deploy data to any industry vertical. The company applies an ELT (extract, load, and transformation) methodology to launch data. The ELT is more effective compared to ETL (extract, transformation, and load) methods used in a traditional data warehouse. Cloudwick partners with AWS which holds AWS Big Data Competency as an important variable. The company provides a data lake jumpstart to assist clients to deploy, migrate and pilot into a production of a fully functional data lake streaming system on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Cloudwick uses a Quick Start system to send data to its customers too. Customers can use Quick Start to obtain their own data lake up and streaming in about 20 minutes. They don’t charge for consulting fees. Users only incur the cost to run it on AWS. Cloudwick Quick Start gives a data lake foundation that connects to various AWS services that help the customer to move both structures and unstructured data from their on-premises environment to the AWS Cloud. The migrated data will then be stored, monitored and analyzed. In order to use the data, one will be required to capture metadata to identify streaming practices in the lake. Doing so will provide substantially gainful. It will also help in the organization of larger amounts of data for complex end user goals. These are just some of the ways that the company has advanced the technology as well as its application to contemporary businesses.

By including data lake technology in their suite of services it is clear that Cloudwick will be at the forefront of contemporary data science and management. They have grown significantly in the past few years and will continue to do so for years to come.