Dr. Avi Weisfogel Helps Treat Sleep Apnea

Many healthcare practitioners and experts have stated that getting enough sleep is very important for your health. When you get enough sleep, you will be able to avoid a number of health problems. According to most experts, it is very important to get about 8 hours of sleep per night. This will enable individuals to be well rested and have a sufficient amount of time to recover from their daily lifestyle. While many encourage people to get a sufficient amount of sleep, there are many people who don’t and therefore they begin to experience some negative effects. These often include things such as puffy eyes, blood under the eyes, hair loss, a dull complexion and wrinkles. Another adverse effect of an inadequate amount of sleep is the condition known as sleep apnea. This is when a person does not breathe enough while sleeping and can therefore suffer from cardiovascular disorders.

In recent years, sleep apnea has been diagnosed by a number of dental practitioners. The dentist to lead this trend is Dr. Avi Weisfogel. He has been finding ways to treat this condition for a number of years and has provided valuable information to both colleagues and patients. Dr. Weisfogel founded his own company called Dental Sleep Masters which specialized in providing knowledge and treatment for those suffering from sleep apnea. Over the course of the company’s existence, Weisfogel has been able to steadily find new ways to discover the causes of sleep apnea as well as how to overcome them. Therefore, Dr. Weisfogel has been one of the key contributors to combating this serious condition.

Dr. Weisfogel attended college where he completed a bachelor’s degree in biology as part of his pre-dental study. After finishing his undergraduate degree program, he would then attend New York University and complete a DDS degree from the College of Dentistry. He would then begin his career as a dentist where he provided dental treatment and procedures to a number of patients. Dr. Weisfogel would then start up his own dental practice, which allowed him to provide dental services independently. While he was a practicing dentist, he quickly established himself as one of the top dentists in the United States. After diagnosing a number of patients suffering from sleep apnea, he would then start up the company Dental Sleep Masters.