4 Things To Fix Your Mental Health Issues According To Roseann Bennett

Roseann Bennett is a therapist who owns her own business. Bennett, who doesn’t turn clients away because they don’t have the ability to pay, tries to find new and innovative methods to help her clients along with tried-and-true methods.

Along with her husband, she runs the Center for Assessment and Treatment. She founded the company in 2010; it is located in New Jersey. The Center for Assessment and Treatment has helped a number of patients and their families through times of stress and trial.

Bennett was in attendance at the Mental Health Awareness Week. In fact, she gave people some tips on how to deal with mental issues:


  • Talk To Someone. Roseann Bennett said that a therapist is the best person to talk to if you are having issues. If you don’t have a therapist, you can still talk to a friend, family member, or workplace peer. Hearing other people’s opinions is a great way to overcome mental issues. None the less, Bennett advises seeking professional help. Some insurance plans even cover the cost of a counselor or therapist.


  • Learn About Your Stress. By understanding the causes of stress you can overcome stress completely. Roseann Bennett reminded those in attendance that stress can cause physical problems like high blood pressure too. Getting your stress under control is very important.


  • Think About The Good Times. If you spend all your time thinking about negative things, you will never be happy. Roseann Bennett told those in attendance to think about the good parts of your day when you are feeling down. Sometimes this can be all that is needed to make it through the day. The power of positive thinking can’t be stressed enough.


  • Know Your Own Limitations. Do not try to control things that are out of your power. If you continue to stress out about things you can’t control, you will never overcome your anxiety and stress. This is especially important in the workplace. Do not always try to go above and beyond to satisfy your peers. Focus on the tasks you’ve been assigned and allow your peers to do their jobs.


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