NewsWatch TV Reviews

Tori Pugliese of Steel Series has really been happy with the collaboration between them and NewsWatch the last two times they have worked together.

She was amazed at how great the NewsWatch team was with SMTP and PR. 
More importantly, she was pleased by how well the team was able to understand the exact way the gaming company wanted their products featured and get it to be understood by the consumers in their own language.
The team had proper understanding of specific needs of the company, believed in their work and was able to cooperate smoothly with them to make the whole project a complete success.
Steel Series was even able to reframe the project and used it seamlessly on their social networks and press release section.
The NewsWatch team did the editing, script work, and distribution and the gaming company had an excellent experience with the team.
NewsWatch has also worked with other companies and organizations through the years and they have had a positive feedback from all of them.
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NewsWatch is a well famed show on television that features all the news on travel, consumer, entertainment, technology and health news.
It is aired in only two television networks, the AMC Network, with two episodes per month and the ION Network every week.
The main hosts of the show are Eric Forrest, Andrew Tropeano, Susan Bridges, Amanda Forstrom. They make introductions to new stories, and reviews of products and services targeted at consumers.
They hold interviews with the people who make the national headlines in different regions across the United States.
They even invite famous figures and celebrities who have deep knowledge about the discussed topic or may have been involved with the topic in one way or the other.
Some of them are Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Denzel Washington, Will Smith and many more.

WAX with Malcolm CasSelle

WAX is also known as Worldwide Asset eXchange, shows how powerful tokenizing in-game items actually is. WAX is a decentralized platform that lets anyone be active in the market place of virtual game assets. WAX will help reduce the transaction costs, help give portions out for an item sold fairly, and create new marketplaces that might not have been an option prior to this. By giving tokenization it will allow ownership over virtual assets and create a new economy and have better selling access to allow a possible expansion into physical assets. A big issue with tokenizing assets is how to monitor them and make sure they stay with the asset. They are hoping to make the token holders themselves responsible for the assets. The virtual asset exchange process is done through a Transfer Agent. The Transfer Agent is part of a guild. The guild is a rating system that prove that there really is a need for the asset. If a Transfer Agent does not successfully complete the trade, their guild reputation and financial stakes can be affected. If the Guild does not take action against the Transfer Agent that did not complete the trade, token holders will be able to choose not to use that Guild again for future trades.



Malcolm CasSelle is currently the president of WAX, and the CIO of OPSkin. He has worked for tronc, SeaChange Int’l, MediaPass, and Xfire. He has helped with many start up companies. He also worked on Groupon’s joint work between a Chinese instant messaging and Tencent, a gaming giant. Malcolm CasSelle has strong skills in marketing, sales and technology.


Malcolm CasSelle is fluent in Mandarin and Japanese. He has a degree in Computer Science from both MIT and Stanford University. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He has actively been investing in companies like Zynga and Facebook.


The Unique Benefits And Review Of AvaTrade

AvaTrade was originally established in 2006, and remains one of the world’s top Forex brokers in recent reviews. The standard account requires a minimum deposit of $100. The company offers fixed, variable, floating and spreads. The spreads begin at 0.9 pips are and extremely competitive. The order types include Limit orders, Market orders, Stop Loss orders, Entry Limits, Trailing Stops, IF Done orders, Advanced orders, and One Cancels Other orders.

AvaTrade offers the MetaTrader 4 platform for spread betting, and is available with a demo or live account. This is exclusive to traders in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The company offers unique features including a CFD Rollover features, access to tools for trading central charting, and free withdrawals for deposits of $1000. The website is clearly tabbed, easy to use, and available in numerous languages.

Generous deposit bonuses are available for new clients, and clients can receive rewards through the Ava Select program. Special offerings include express withdrawal approvals, tailored educational programs, special gifts, customized trading terms, and the dedicated Ava Select hotline. A review on live market news is additionally posted on AvaTrade’s trading platforms. The economic indicators are easy to understand, and provide information regarding world economics’.

Believes the enrichment and education of their traders is the core of their activity, and the company understands how crucial trading with confidence is to their clients. For these reasons, AvaTrade has committed themselves to providing the best educational materials, while training and teaching traders everything regarding the trading world and the markets. The educational segment provided by AvaTrade is constantly being developed, and consistently refreshed with new content. An important part of their mission is to extends traders horizons, and provide the inspiration necessary for them to master the skills of trading.

In review, AvaTrade provides trading for beginners by introducing them to the world of online trading. This includes all the basics required for CFD and Forex trading. Sharp Trader is a premium educational site, using unique materials for beginning and advanced level traders. AvaTrade additionally offers Forex Trading Strategies, a free e-book that leaders traders from a novice status to an expert. A selection of video tutorials is divided by level and assures traders of finding their place inside the world of trading.

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Getting Ready For The Next Big Crash

On October 19th, 2017 the Dow Jones plummeted 508 points, making it the worst stock market crash ever. This happened on a Monday and some have nicknamed it Black Monday (no relation to black Fridays) and it has the distinction of being known as the worst single day for stock brokers. As for the brokers who were into short selling, it was a great day. Stockbrokers who were working at the time tend to remember it well.

One of the interesting things they remember is that the months and days leading up to the crash were like riding a roller coaster. Starting roughly two months prior to the crash there were frequent upward and downward trends, sometimes in a single day. Despite all this, no one had guessed what would happen on that terrible day.

The bewildering fact about all of these events was that there were no tried and tested reasons to make this happen. Usually what makes stock markets crash is political turmoil in an important country or some major policy change and other reasons could be currency collapse or overvaluation of equities. What followed was chaos as brokers scrambled to save whatever they could.

There are ways to protect oneself from this kind financial rodeo and that would be to diversify as broad as possible, look for quality stocks, allocate assets properly and have a good reserve of cash. Having cash accomplishes two things. First, see it as buying insurance. If things go south on you, you have something to rest on. Second, it can be used to take advantage of a future bear market.

Investment U is a free online newsletter started by the Oxford club. It was one of the first ones of its kind and it has been available since 1999. The goal of the newsletter is to help people find financial freedom with minimal risk. This is done with the help of videos, conferences, and courses. The Oxford Club can be described as an international network of business people and investors. Investment U is their educational branch, which they use to impart the knowledge they gained through experience. The Oxford Club currently has approximately 80,000 members. Connect with them on LinkedIn and learn more on Crunchbase.

Siteline Cabinetry Brings More Options to Remodeling for Homeowners

A large number of people are going to be interested in remodeling their homes. It definitely makes sense for more people to consider Siteline Cabinetry if this is what they are planning to do. This company has a wide spectrum of cabinet remodeling and resurfacing options for people to consider. Any time that people are looking for a way to make their homes better they will usually start with the kitchen. This is what Siteline Cabinetry specializes in.

There are Siteline Cabinetry consultants that can provide a wealth of information for anyone that is trying to make these types of improvements to prepare a home to be sold. Everyone knows that remodeling can be expensive, but there is a big payoff when homeowners make a decision to remodel the right areas. It is usually the kitchen and the bathroom that stand out more than anything else when it comes to remodeling projects. This is what homeowners really have to keep in mind when it comes to the possibilities of selling a home.

Any home that is going to be sold is going to be much more valuable if new cabinets are in it. This increases the value of the home even if the homeowners decide that they do not want to sell at a particular time. Cabinets are fascinating for many people because it gives them a chance to store items, and it also adds a decorative field to the home when the cabinets are updated. That is one of the things that people like to explore when they consider Siteline Cabinetry. Cabinets have changed over the years, and there are some contemporary styles for people to take a look into. Siteline Cabinetry provides people with all of these different options that they can begin to explore once they make a decision to remodel.

It is certainly a good thing to consider Siteline Cabinetry if remodeling is the end goal. This company has the professionals in place that know exactly what needs to be done when a remodeling project is underway. They have the ability to provide powerful insight for remodeling projects.

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Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Shares His Innovative Marketing Strategies

Founder and CEO Bob Reina of Talk Fusion, a Video Marketing program, recently shared his business knowledge and strategies in an article that was published in the MarTech Advisor. In the article, which is titled Video Advertising Trends of 2017, Reina provides readers with information about today’s fastest growing methods for video advertising. He talks about the latest video trends and how they affect the ad industry. His goal is to help others understand why they need to take advantage of this new digital marketing strategy.


Reina, who is a graduate of the University of South Florida, and a former Sheriff’s Deputy, says that he thinks businesses, as well as other individuals, should embrace video marketing in order to profit from the latest trends. He gives readers advice on how they can use the platform to generate more revenue at the present time and into the future. He wrote his first article for the MarTech Advisor in May of 2016. That written work got the attention of a lot of readers of that publication, making it one of the most viewed articles of its kind last year.


His business, Talk Fusion, was started in 2007, and it is a Video Marketing solution that involves using: Video Emails; Video Chat; Video Newsletters; Live Meetings; and Sign-up Forms. It allows the user to communicate with potential customers or with family members and friends, depending on who is using the service and what their specific needs are. It’s a simple, fast, fun and affordable system that can also be accessed on IPhones, Ipads and Android phones by using the Fusion On The Go app.


Bob Reina has over 25 years of network marketing experience, and he shares his expertise with users who join Talk Fusion and become Independent Associates or customers. He gives motivational speeches on social media platforms like Facebook Live, as well. And he has made donations to several charities. The Talk Fusion program offers a 30-day free trial for those who want to test it out before buying it, and a credit card is not required during the trial period. Learn more:


Securus Technologies’ Facility Customers Comment on Using Technology to Solve and Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based leading technology solutions provider working towards fulfilling the needs of their clients in a manner that is not depicted in the business world. Securus Technologies is also concerned with the specific solutions that will be fulfilling their intentions in a way that provides better business in the inmate industry. The company has a strong commitment towards integrity and customer retention services in the inmate industry. This is the reason why their services are adopted in a manner that depicts better business values in the industry. For those who are not willing to attain their activation procedures, they will end up achieving working solutions in their independent facilities.


Securus Technologies has attained the best success level in the inmate industry as a technology solutions provider. The company has a proud feature that talk’s about their activation procedures in the inmate industry. For more than two decades of success and professional experience solving the technical problems facing their clients in the industry, Securus Technologies has always worked towards becoming part of the solution to the problems facing their clients. This is perhaps the reason why the company is willing to attain the most sophisticated procedure to achieve better business values.


Securus Technologies has announced the opening of a review from their clients. The company decided to open the review session so that their clients will speak to their honest reviews about how they perceive their technology solutions in the industry. If they say that Securus Technologies is working towards better business, they are also required to state if the technology solutions provided by Securus Technologies will assist the company to becomes part of the solution to the problems facing the inmate industry. This is one of the most sophisticated ways of attaining high-end independence. Securus Technologies is simply the best/


Sweetgreen: Embracing New Strategies

Succeeding in the food industry has never been easy. By now, everyone knows the statistics: about 60 to 90 percent of all restaurants fail. To succeed in today’s food industry, people need to be smarter. Sweetgreen is a company that started as a brilliant idea and has only grown since. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

When Nathaniel Ru, co-CEO Sweetgreen, founded the restaurant chain, he wanted to do more than serve people traditional salads. He wanted his brand to stand for something. That’s why Sweetgreen works closely with as many local farms as possible to bring new and exciting ingredient, which is also healthy, fresh, and organic, to every salad they offer.

As the health craze continues, more restaurants continue to jump onboard the trend. Many learn from Sweetgreen methods, but there’s more to be learned. Sweetgreen co-CEOs are tech pioneers from Georgetown University. Nathaniel Ru adopted technology as a means of facilitating transactions long before anyone else.

It’s that kind of thinking that’s growing Sweetgreen faster than any other health-based restaurant. They’re also dedicated to their customers, even making their office employees work in the restaurants at least five times a year. It ensures that everyone at the company knows who their customers are.

Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet all graduated from Georgetown with the dream of starting their own business together. It didn’t take long for them to figure out what kind of business to open. At the time, Georgetown didn’t have any healthy restaurant options. Entrepreneurship 101: identify marketing opportunities.

They opened the first Sweetgreen in 2007. Like any new food hot spot, business was immediately booming. It wasn’t until their first winter break that things got slow. Most of the students were away on vacation, so things looked gloomy for the business. In the end, they survived, and now, they’re thriving.

Nathaniel Ru does more interviews than Jammet and Neman, so he’s kind of the face of the company. In a recent interview, he was asked some questions. For a start, he encourages every new entrepreneur to read more, even if they don’t want to. There’s no such thing as knowing too much.

He admitted how hard it was for him and the others to let go of the reins. They grew Sweetgreen with their own hands and letting others in was difficult.

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There are such a lot of audio codecs accessible, which ones need to you select to record your audio in? An audio layout is a report format through which track is saved for your computer. There are a huge form of codecs, like wav, mp3, aiff, wma and so forth. To understand the difference among various formats, we need to first recognize phrases compressed and uncompressed formats.


Uncompressed Audio codecs


Uncompressed audio formats are bulky documents and soak up full-size region to your difficult disk or storage force. The advantage of uncompressed audio formats is that the fine of the digital audio remains intact, as it’s far unchanged. It gives precisely the same 2927099c7129e5e67b031f9eb65b6349; no matter how usually you machine or re encode it.


Compressed Audio layout


Compressed audio formats compress the virtual audio facts, resulting in smaller files. you could free up valuable area in your difficult disk thru using compressed audio formats.


Compressed audio codecs are similarly categorized into 2  agencies:


Lossless Compressed Audio codecs


these audio codecs compress digital audio statistics, but there may be no loss of facts or degradation of audio amazing sooner or later of the compression procedure. The satisfactory instance of such format is flac.


Lossy Compressed Audio formats


these audio codecs compress digital audio records, but are seemed to eliminate high quality records and frequencies to lessen the file length. lossy compressed audio codecs reasons degradation in audio extraordinary. The distinction in audio satisfactory can be big or small, depending upon how heaps facts has been eliminated. additionally, each subsequent processing or re encoding will result in more nice loss. The classic instance of lossy compression is MP3.


Which recording format is the excellent for me?


To pick the 2927099c7129e5e67b031f9eb65b6349 recording layout, we need to apprehend 2 more phrases, Sampling and bit rate. digital audio has  number one traits that compose the way the audio is described. – sampling charge and bit charge.


Sampling rate


whilst you are recording audio digitally, the device (say, your laptop) receives the audio signal, by the usage of breaking it up into “snapshots” or samples. In recording technology, the quantity of samples received in line with 2d is referred to as the sampling charge. The idea is corresponding to a virtual film camera that facts some of picture frames in line with second and plays it returned as a non-stop moving photo. in addition, you listen to uninterrupted audio playback. Sampling charge is measured in hertz and represents the sound frequency variety. higher the sampling price more is the audio 2927099c7129e5e67b031f9eb65b6349 and ensures greater precision in your high notes and espresso notes. modern day CD exceptional includes a sampling rate of forty four, 100Hz or 44.1 KHz. Sampling prices begin from 8000hz(very low 86f68e4d402306ad3cd330d005134dac) to 196,000(very excessive nice, with excessive huge files).


Bit price


In digital multimedia, bit charge often refers back to the range of bits used in keeping with unit of playback time to symbolize a non-stop medium at the side of audio. let us understand what the bit rate certainly represents. even as sampling charge is variety of samples recorded in step with 2nd, bit rate refers back to the characteristics of each person pattern recorded. Going lower back to the virtual digicam instance, bit rate is the equivalent of pixels in digital images. higher the pixels, better is the picture quality. in addition, higher the bit price (also called bit depth), higher is the audio 2927099c7129e5e67b031f9eb65b6349. as an example an eight bit audio will sound grainy and cruel, whilst a 16 bit audio sounds lots better. popular CD format has forty four.1k sampling fee mixed with sixteen bit rate.


genuinely a 24 bit audio will offer the very fine first-class, however such documents occupy more region and require greater computing strength to approach and won’t be clearly important for the cause of your audio. For FM transmission or internet streaming sixteen bit prices are best. expert audio studios choose 24 or 32 bit prices, because of the fact the higher accuracy it gives is beneficial in the recording, mixing and learning system.


Bit price in MP3


The MP3 layout is lossy audio layout that compresses audio documents to reduce length thru getting rid of redundant statistics. you could choose out how lots records an MP3 record will maintain or lose sooner or later of the encoding and compression method by tweaking the bit price. lower bit rate manner that the encoder will discard extra facts during the compression machine, which may additionally have an impact at the audio 2927099c7129e5e67b031f9eb65b6349 on playback. Bit expenses for MP3 encoders range from 16 kilobytes consistent with 2d (kbps) to 320 kbps. a piece charge of 320 kbps gives CD terrific audio and is just like what you’d pay attention at the radio. A higher MP3 bit rate offers better audio satisfactory but produces larger documents.


So what do you choose for recording your audio? For pristine best, continuously report in uncompressed formats like wav or aiff, at atleast 44,a hundred khz and 16 bit. This has 2 blessings. First, the audio could be recorded in cd 2927099c7129e5e67b031f9eb65b6349. Secondly any next processing like mixing, enhancing and so forth will not bring about any degradation of the 86f68e4d402306ad3cd330d005134dac. if you want to encode/record in mp3, as a minimum 196kbps is minimal for a first-rate fine, despite the fact that 320 kbps is usually the high-quality.


a number of the typically used audio formats consist of the subsequent:


  1. WAV format


The Wavform or wav audio layout stores uncompressed audio facts on home windows computers. it’s far based totally at the RIFF bit drift format method of storing data. as it shops uncompressed audio information, it keeps the one hundred% unique audio notable and is famous amongst audio specialists. The WAV layout may be effects edited the usage of software program program. (continuously document in forty four,a hundred Khz and 16 bit(minimum) for studio grade recordings)


  1. AIFF format


The Audio Interchange report layout (AIFF) evolved by means of manner of Apple laptop systems is an uncompressed audio layout normally used for storing audio facts on Apple Macintosh structures. as it stores uncompressed audio information, the AIFF layout is also usually used for professional audio programs. (typically report in forty 4,a hundred Khz and 16 bit (minimum) for studio grade recordings)


  1. MP3 layout


The MP3 format is a commonly used lossy compression audio layout. It basically reduces the document duration by means of manner of omitting records in the record. by way of using the use of perceptive audio coding and psychoacoustic compression, the MP3 format retains the best as near the unique as viable. therefore MP3 is the typically used audio layout for storing massive variety of songs for your laptop with out taking over too much area with best 2927099c7129e5e67b031f9eb65b6349. never file in MP3, until you have no other desire. usually record in uncompressed formats like wav/aiff and then CONVERT to mp3 file of preferred length.


  1. AAC format


The superior Audio Coding (AAC) layout, every other lossy compression audio layout modified into developed to be the successor of the MP3, because it offers higher audio brilliant than the MP3 at lower sizes. it is the same antique audio layout in Apple’s i-Tunes and that i-pods.


five. WMA layout


The windows Media Audio (WMA) layout is a lossy compression audio layout designed by using Microsoft to compete in competition to the MP3. but the MP3 stills keeps the pinnacle spot in popularity. The lossless compressed version o

f the WMA format known as WMA lossless is also available that reproduces the authentic audio first-class, with 0 removal on decompression and play back, much like wav or aiff.

Professor Micheal Lacey – Award-winning Matematician

Michael Thoreau Lacey is a well-known mathematician who has dedicated decades of his life to the science. Along with doing mathematical research, Michael Thoreau Lacey also started teaching as Professor of mathematics at a number of academic institutions.

Professor Michael Thoreau Lacey earned himself his Ph. D. in 1987 after leaving his mark in the scientific community by publishing a mathematical thesis he had been working on.

The argument, which he worked on at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, presented a new perspective on Banach Spaces. It is an area of mathematics based on the study of function spaces, which foundation was laid by the three well-known mathematicians Frigyes Riesz, David Hilbert and Maurice René Fréchet during the beginning of the 20th century.

Professor Michael Thoreau Lacey’s thesis described Banach spaces in relation to Probability, ergodic theory as well as harmonic analysis, and managed to successfully solve a mathematical problem which was in conflict with a few different mathematical laws.

Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey later assumed another position and began working at the Louisiana State University. During his tenure, Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey was also teaching at the University of North Carolina located in Chapel Hill.

At the University of North Caroline, Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey started a collaborative project with one of his colleagues Professor Walter Philip. The topic of their research and project was the central limit theorem.

Most authorities in the mathematical community believe the central limit theorem to be accurate. Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey and Prof. Walter Philip provided a lot of additional proof of the theorem which served to solidify the belief in its accuracy even further.

In the year of 1989, Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey took up a teaching position at the University of Indiana where he spent seven years of his teaching career. Those seven years were quite prosperous for Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey as he was invited for a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Science Foundation.

During the fellowship, Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey began researching the Hilbert transform which s a bilinear theory. Next, Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey received a Salem prize for his accomplishments in collaboration with fellow mathematician Christoph Thiele in 1996.

In the same year of 1996, Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey took up another teaching job at the Georgia Institute of technology. He continued to serve as Professor of mathematics. Professor Michael Thoreau Lacey earned another fellowship. This time it was a Guggenheim Fellowship during which he worked alongside Xiaochun Li.

Due to his many accomplishments over the course of his career, Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey received the title of Fellow of American Mathematical Association in 2012. That is a great honor as the association is one of the most renowned organizations in the world of mathematics.

Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey has been a prolific writer during his career. He has authored a vast number of papers and thesis. The most recent publication is from 2002. His work is available on the internet and it offers insight into some of the most important mathematical questions.

Learn more about Michael Lacey: