Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Success Story Extends beyond the Middle East

It is an undisputable fact that DAMAC Properties, a company founded by Hussain Sajwani, remains the largest property development company in the Middle East. However, the company keeps receiving commendations from clients in other continents including the Americas, Europe and Africa.

The United States President, Donald Trump, could not hide his admiration for the DAMAC founder while addressing an audience that includes Hussain Sajwani. He described Sajwani as an amazing figure.

From all indications, Trump was satisfied with his golf courses developed by DAMAC as far back as 2013 when he had no thought of one day vying for the American presidency. His relationship with Hussain Sajwani has blossomed ever since.

Definitely, he must have come to know Hussain Sajwani family, the humble beginning of the DAMAC owner and how he climbed out of obscurity to the pinnacle of success. No one knows as much about Hussain Sajwani without holding him in high esteem.

Hussain Sajwani was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth; he had to work his way to the top. His father was of the middle class in the city of Dubai and Hussain was the eldest among 5 children.

Two good thing about this boy was that he was born with entrepreneurial skills and he loves western education. It was no surprise to many that his educational pursuit took him to the University of Washington where he obtained a bachelor degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering in 1981.

He knew he was meant to be an employer of labor, so he wasted no time working under people except the time he spent at GASCO as a Contracts Manager. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots | The National

He started his business empire by setting up a catering firm. In some few years after, the company turned out a monumental success with the number of meals served per day running into 200,000. At the same time, the company had over 200 ongoing projects in different parts of the Middle East, Africa and beyond. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

DAMAC Properties started operation in 2002, but today projects completed by the company are in most key cities in the world including London, Jeddah, Dubai, Abu, Dhabi, Doha, Beirut, Amman and Riyadh to mention only a few.

The company’s shares are available on the Dubai Financial Market. Sajwani also has other companies; the likes of Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co., Al Jazeira Services, DICO Investments and Amana Building Materials belong to him.

Bruce Levenson Concludes Chapter As NBA Owner To Prioritize Do Good Institute

Bruce Levenson retired from ownership of the Atlanta Hawks not long ago, though news has still circulated about a court case he’s had against the team’s former insurance company AIG. Though this case may take a little while to settle, Levenson is pursuing other interests including the center for philanthropy known as Do Good Institute in Washington D.C. Levenson and his wife Karen started this institute in 2011 with the hope of creating a place where students would create initiatives using the same innovation and marketing skills that drove businesses to success. Levenson has long felt more business-style leadership should come to non-profits and activist groups.

Bruce Levenson has been an innovator and creative strategist throughout his own business career. He attended college at Washington University and began writing for the Washington Star after graduating from there, and then completed law school several years later at American University though he has never practiced it. He founded his own newspaper and publications business in 1977 when he and Ed Peskowitz started Oil Express, and that newsletter soon became the foundation for their company United Communications Group (UCG). UCG specializes in technology, environment, energy, healthcare, finance and real estate news and has offices open in several different countries. UCG also owns GasBuddy and was the former owner of TechTarget.

Forbes listed billionaire Bruce Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 and joined the NBA’s Board of Governors. His enthusiasm for basketball even led him to include youth basketball in his philanthropy, and in the early 2000s he served on the board of Hoop Dreams, a basketball tournament in Washington D.C. Levenson’s philanthropy also includes working with the Holocaust Memorial Museum and once he even took the Atlanta Hawks players to the museum and had his mother-in-law tell her story of the event. Levenson also was a chair member of the Concert Against Hate in 2015.

Crime Prevention Using Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas, and serves and secures over 1.3 million inmates in over 3,400 prisons and jail systems in the United States. They have won a number of awards for their customer service and business model, most notably the Gold Stevie Award.

Lately, their crime prevention programs among inmates and others have been given positive responses by those in correctional facilities.

Just about every week, Securus Technologies researches and develops new ways to care for inmates and prevent crime. They service what they sell, always ready to help the corrections officers learn how to use the latest technologies they have developed.

Receiving plaudits for their work is nothing new to the company. They have always worked hard to achieve their goals of proper inmate care and management.

Crime prevention among inmates has been much easier at the locations where Securus Technologies’ hardware and software is installed.

They have received thousands of letters from correctional officers and others involved with the control and disposition of correctional inmates. Every one of the letters give a glowing personal recommendation for the achievements of this company in the area of inmate management.

Securus Technologies, Inc. works endlessly to keep us safe. They deserve the commendations they have received.


Beneful’s Beautiful Meaning Behind This Company

Beneful is a popular dog food brand known for their great tasting and healthy food options for dogs. They have a wide assortment of options that can give you everything you are looking for in dog food options. The key is to look at their array of choices and choose one that suits your dog’s needs and health the best. Beneful has been in the business for many years, and their brand name and what they stand for is truly beautiful. Beneful believes in creating quality dog food that is sufficient to their health. They strive to come up with unique ideas and products to help dogs live their healthiest possible lives. It’s incredible to witness what they offer.

Beneful stands behind giving dogs organic and healthy food. Based off of nutrition and appearance, they strive to come up with unique options for their dog fans. The term Beneful actually means, “full of goodness”. This is why the brand is so popular. Their name brand in itself represents how the brand wants to give dogs a great tasting lunch and breakfast and dinner to help maintain their health.

They did a $34 million television advertising campaign, and by 2006 they were generating hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. The brand has grown over the years and countless people love what the company stands for in terms of offering dogs great tasting food at the best prices all the while giving them the nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong. The brand is constantly developing what they are able to offer their customers. If you are looking for a legitimate opportunity, this is the way to do it. This brand has accomplished so much over the years, and they have such a strong meaning behind what they have to offer.

The Successes and Leadership of Betsy DeVos

Everyone has a chance to achieve a lot and make a huge difference in life. There are a lot of factors that go into how much one can achieve. Among the factors are the associations of the individual in question. If one associates with people that are about building and achieving goals, then she is going to improve on her chances of achieving a lot throughout her career. She is also more likely going to be admired and respected as a person if she associates with the right people. Fortunately for Betsy DeVos, she has found herself with the right people in her life so that she could achieve a lot in her career.

One person that she is involved with is her husband Dick DeVos. Dick himself is an achiever. He has been the leader of many different companies which included his father’s company, Amway. He has also been involved in philanthropy and charitable giving. This has brought forth an example to Betsy DeVos. She has followed in the footsteps of her husband and has joined leadership roles in other companies as well. She herself has developed a passion for helping out the unfortunate children of poor communities.

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Both Betsy and Divk DeVos work together to run their nonprofit foundation in order to support different schools in the communities that they are involved in. One of the most important goals that Betsy has achieved was bringing forth the chance for children to get their education in the safest possible environment. One of the issues that she has seen is that children were assigned schools based on their district. This has resulted in a lot of children missing out on higher quality education. Even with high quality education, the stresses of the poor community can take away from the energy one needs to be able to apply himself to the classes that he is taking.

Betsy DeVos is using her influence to bring about greater education in the lives of children so that they can do everything they can in order to build their own lives and make sure that they are able to provide their children with a better life.

Read more about their foundation at

George Soros is American Strong

He’s rich, extremely intelligent and very well connected. His name is George Soros and he is one of the most important self-appointed statesmen in the history of the modern era. Soros is a Hungarian born billionaire that resides in America.

Since Donald Trump was sworn into office back in January of 2017, George Soros has been busy trying to disrupt his first 100 days in office. Soros does not like President Trump and wants him out of office.

The liberal supporter believes that Trump is going to weaken the U.S. causing it to lose credibility in the world. Soros does not want to see this happen. So, he is pledging his knowledge and his vast resources to hindering President Trump’s agenda.

According to Forbes magazine, George Soros is ranked as one of the world’s 30th richest persons. His fortune is immense. Since his pockets are extremely deep; Soros has the ability to influence the world of politics and national economies.

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Soros really loves the United States even though he is originally from Hungary. Soros believes that Donald Trump is a lost president who does not know what he is doing. This major sponsor of the Democratic Party also points out that President Trump is causing so much uncertainty is because of his inexperience within politics.

The United States is heading in a downward spiral states Soros. He sees the divisions within the United States as an alarming situation. When Trump made it to office in 2017, he did so because many people really did believe in and support his policies. As a matter of fact, people were truly shocked by the number of Trump supporters there really are within society. Learn more about George at

All of these Trump supporters clearly reveal that America is very divided and they are ready to believe in just about anything that comes their way. This also worries Soros. He believes that President Trump would be a literal dictator if America’s system of government was not strong enough to stop this kind of activity from happening.

Soros sees the country further dividing during Trump’s presidency. He sees racism becoming more profound because of Trump’s coming policies and his affiliation with questionable racist leaders within the U.S. He also sees minorities experiencing more economic and social problems because of Trump’s stance on various issues.

No good American citizen wants the U.S. to go on a downward spiral. Soros is a good American citizen who wants this nation to be healed of its many divisions and problems. Soros wants people to understand that America is a great nation that is bigger than any one person trying to govern it. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

The billionaire magnate understands that Trump is now the leader of the country but he does not want him to fulfill his agenda. Soros is a true American citizen who uses his resources to fight back against anything that is harming the nation and its people. Simply put, George Soros is American strong.

Why Death Note is Great


The Best Anime Available on Netflix


When it comes to Netflix anime, you owe it to yourself to check out some all time great anime. If you have to make just one choice, make sure that you go with Death Note. This is a great launching point whether you are just getting into anime and want a go-to show or would like to expand your horizons and watch a must-see series. With this in mind, think about these points.


What is Death Note about?


In Death Note, Light, a charismatic, intelligent high school student comes upon a mysterious notebook that allows him to write the name of people who will be killed. He has this power to be killed due the aid of the Shinagami, a dark spirit figure that is the guardian of the notebook, who only the owner of the Death Note can see. Light is the son of the police chief, so this creates an interesting dynamic, as his father is investigating “Kirra”, the holder of the Death Note.


What is the latest with Death Note?


Death Note is considered by many anime fans one of the top anime series’ of all time. It has received a resurgence due to the fact that a Netflix produced live action version of Death Note is coming out this year. This will only raise the popularity of Death Note, in addition to potentially increasing the sales of the manga that the anime was based on.


Consider this in order to see if Death Note is the show for you.

David Giertz Explains Why Advisers Need To Address Social Security

Veronica Dagher of the Wall Street Journal conducted an interview with David Giertz, the President of the financial firm Nationwide Financial Distributors. Veronica said that most advisers don’t talk about social security with their clients and asked David to explain why that is. He said that his company did a survey which found that those in or near retirement said their advisers weren’t talking to them about social security. He said that from a retention perspective it very important to discuss on this because the survey also revealed that four out of five people would change advisers if their advisers won’t talk about it.

David also explained that advisers are avoiding the topic because it’s complex. He said the social security handbook has over 2,700 rules on He went on to say that social security is too large a part of people’s retirement today for it to be ignored.

David Giertz has been with Nationwide Financial since June 2004. In addition to his current role, he has also been the President of Nationwide Financial’s Financial Institutions Distributors Channel and their Financial Institutions/Wirehouse Distribution Channel. Altogether he has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry and handling client portfolios.

David has been in his current position since 2013. He is responsible for a number of financial products that Nationwide Financial sells through a network of independent brokers and dealers, banks, wirehouses, and regional financial companies at Among the products he oversees are retirement plans, annuities, life insurance, mutual funds, and specialty market funds.

It was in 1986 that David Giertz earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management at Millikin University. In 2003 David attended the University of Miami School of Business where he earned his MBA.

Sexy Time Makes it Real


While being an actor, you sometimes are required to do some crazy and outrageous things! While not being in the pornography industry, though, many thought they would actually be having real sex while on camera! Actual intercourse can actually give the movie genuine authenticity so it is rumored that some of these movies show scenes where the actors and actresses are actually engaging in real intercourse, real sex in movies!


  1. Little Ashes: This film stars Robert Pattinson and he has admitted that in this film he was really masturbating to make it seem more realistic. Robert Pattinson admitted that faking it just wouldn’t cut it for this film!
  2. Lie With Me: The audience probed quite a bit at the fact that the numerous sex scenes in this film seemed very realistic. Eventually, the stars of the film owned up to it and admitted that those scenes were in fact real.
  3. Wetlands: Carla Juri stars as a teenager in this film. During the movie she refuses to uphold cleanliness, she even masturbates with vegetables. In one scene during the film, a group of guys masturbate onto a pizza and this was not made fake at all!
  4. Intimacy: In this film, two complete strangers have anonymous sex. The sex scenes in this film were also unsimulated, making them much more realistic.


There are numerous films throughout Hollywood history that have used real sex instead of simulated sex. This has given those movies just that much more authenticity and it has been shown that the fans approve!

What If We Lived In A World Free From Cancer And Aging?

Mikhail Blagosklonny is the creator of solutions of aging and cancer. These solutions are fit for human use. They have helped in the medical world. People are afraid of aging and cancer. Mikhail has developed different solutions to these challenges. Cancer is an epidemic considering its cost of treatment. It can be challenging to people at the various levels of social classes in the society. Mikhail develops affordable drugs that are efficient and effective. This makes it easy for people to access medication. It is an excellent idea.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a scientist. He is studying cancer and aging. He is a professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He develops different solutions to aging and cancer in this Institute. This enables him to add value to the society by offering solutions. Mikhail Blagosklonny is an authority in the medical field. Mikhail holds an M.D in Internal Medicine. He also holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology from the First Pavlov State University of Saint Peterburg. Mikhail has excellent skills and expertise in the field of medicine. He has led different medical hospital. Mikhail develops readily available health care services to people at these hospitals. This makes it easy for the hospitals to gain revenue. He has developed several drugs.

Learn more:

Mikhail’s contribution to the industry cannot go unnoticed. He develops a hypothesis at the Institute and tries to create possible solutions to the market. He has put his knowledge and expertise in various medical articles and books. He is called to review different cases that are new in health to develop solutions. He is positive that the solutions towards the challenges that people face are hidden in other human beings. He believes that a day shall come when people will have a cure for cancer. The body of a person will be under control as he ages. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar.