Elysium Health’s Research Creates Products Using Quantifiable Science

Elysium Health seeks to help people live healthier, longer. Through extensive scientific research performed by world-class scientists, the company has continually pursued the goal of translating advances in science and technology into clinically validated health products that work.

Founding the Company

Elysium Health was founded in 2014 by Dr. Leonard Guarente. As the Chief Scientist of Elysium Health, and the Director of Glen Laboratory for Science of Aging at MIT, he holds substantial knowledge in the field of genetic and molecular causes of aging.

Eric Marcotulli and Dan Alminana helped Dr. Guarente found the company, becoming the CEO and the COO of Elysium Health. Their experience comes from venture capital and investment banking industries.

Proven Clinical Results

Basis is a supplement that is based on 25 years of prior clinical research. The supplement’s primary purpose is to support long-term cellular well-being by increasing and sustaining levels of NAD+. NAD+ is a coenzyme that is required for many essential cellular functions. Over time, levels of NAD+ tend to decline in our cells, but Basis is clinically proven to increase levels of NAD+ in humans by an average of 40%.

During the clinical trial, 120 people were divided into three groups. One group received a placebo, the second group received two capsules of Basis daily (the recommended daily amount), and the third group received four capsules of Basis daily (double the recommended daily amount). After several weeks, the group taking two capsules of Basis per day saw an increase in NAD+ levels of an average of 40 percent.

New Products

Elysium Health is in the process of researching new products that focus on the microbiome, cognitive health, skin health, muscle function, and circadian rhythms. These products are in various stages of pre-clinical and clinical trials.

For more information about Basis or Elysium Health, visit Elysium Health’s website.

Jeunesse Global Extract Supplements

Jeunesse Global is always on the cutting edge of the youth enhancement market. Run by the infamous entrepreneurial team of Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, Jeunesse works hard to bring their customers the best in anti-aging products. From topical creams to dietary supplements, Jeunesse has it all.


Jeunesse Global is known world wide for their many youth enhancing supplements, but they are constantly growing and evolving their production line. The latest in Jeunesse health supplements is called FINITI. This unique blend of fruit and vegetable extracts is designed to promote health and wellness in a holistic, natural way. People with allergies need not worry, as FINITI contains no peanuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, wheat or soy. Only natural fruit and veggie extracts are used in the production of FINITI, so you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality supplements available. Pomegranate, turmeric and astragalus root are just some of the many extracts in a dose of FINITI. Every bottle comes with 60 capsule. That is a one month supply at an affordable rate.


Reserve is another of Jeunesse’s extract supplements. Reserve focuses on the many antioxidants found in berries, such as concord grapes, dark sweet cherries and blueberries. Dark sweet cherries are loaded with anthocyanin glycosides, which help to eliminate free radicals in the body. Free radicals can cause damage to your body, especially your DNA. The only way to combat these harmful effects is to boost your immune system via antioxidants. Blueberries, once a staple in the diet of many Native Americans, contain an impressive blend of unique antioxidants. A number of flavanoids and carotenoids can be found alongside Vitamins A, C, E and even zinc. There are few superfruits quite like the blueberry.

As wonderful as these berries are, the main ingredient in Reserve is a superstar called Reservitrol. Reservitrol is specially designed to improve heart health, fight the damaging effects of oxidative stress and even improve vision.

Louis Chenevert: Canadian Businessman and Executive

Louis Chenevert is businessman and an executive from Canada. He is most well-known for being the chairman and CEO of a leading tech company, the United Technologies Corporation. The United Technologies Corporation is a fully pledged American company that specializes in a number of research and development. The company is also manufacturing a number of high-tech products that is being used in a vast number of industries. Some of their products include airplane engines, aerospace systems, HVAC systems, elevators, escalators, fire and security systems, building systems, and industrial products. The leadership of Louis Chenevert saw tremendous growth, and the company’s contract with the United States Military lengthened. New clients also started dealing with them because of the positive reputation that Louis Chenevert left.

Born and raised in Canada, Louis Chenevert transferred to the United States because of his dream to become a successful entrepreneur. He transferred to the United States several years ago. When he was still in college, he chose the University of Montreal and took up a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He started looking for a job after college because he wanted to earn money to support himself, so he tried his luck with General Motors and he got hired. He worked for them for more than 14 years, and after he grew tired of working in the automobile industry, he decided to look for another job.

He transferred to Pratt and Whitney in 2009, and later on joined the ranks of the United Technologies Corporation later in 2006. Louis Chenevert managed to lead the company to greater heights, thanks to his experiences with management and leadership. He was promoted to become the chairman and the chief executive of the company, and while tending to his corporate duties, he also served as the vice chairman of the executive committee of The Business Council, an American business organization. After 12 years of working with the United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert decided to retire. He stepped down from his position in 2014 and has been enjoying his life ever since. In 2015, he decided to join Goldman Sachs, taking up the role as an exclusive advisor for the Merchant Banking Division of the company.

Jose Hawilla and The Elements That Make For A Good Business Leader

There are so many self-help books out there about how to be a businessman. The articles you can read online would even talk about the environment, the personalities and the right attitudes that make for a successful entrepreneur. One of these articles is the one from The Balance where it talked about the basic things that make up for a successful business leader.

The Right Environment

One of the many factors explained by the article about how to succeed in business includes the basic fact that not every one or not every personality is cut to become a business owner. There are small chances of success if the personalities that you have clearly deviate from the ones that have been patterned to be traits of a successful business leader.

The Motivation

There are many reasons why people go for businesses and most of them usually have to do with personal reasons. These businessment want to get the relaxed schedule and the leniency of being in control of their own time. Truly, if you don’t have at least some of these characteristics, it is hard for you to succeed in the business. One of the few people who have shown these business traits is Jose Hawilla. You can visit quora to see more.

About Jose Hawilla

One relevant information you probably don’t know yet about Jose Hawilla is the fact that he’s currently the owner of the Traffic Group, which is a marketing agency that helps people in the sports industry get the exposure and advertising that they need. There are many current challenges in the business path of Jose Hawilla, but despite all of these things, he’s still confident in the power of his skills and expertise in bringing to the forefront the ideas that he set for Traffic. Check out educacaofisica to know more.

As a former journalist, Hawilla knows what it is to be part of a media culture that can be toxic and strident to companies and individuals. With his expertise and talents, he has found a way to deal with all these issues and come out unscathed and strong from all the challenges. With his leadership and patience to deal with challenges, Jose has proven himself that he’s got what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

See more: https://medium.com/@josehawilla

Larkin and lacey — Fight for Your Rights

There were lots of hypotheses surrounding the Trump administration’s decision to segment out DACA. It’s a far cry from being a fair decision that has resounding effects into the lives of immigrants around the united states. Phasing out DACA will shape the destiny of many young immigrants. The Trump administration is attractive to a zone of the united states of america with outdated perspectives and beliefs. Their’s is a concept of separation and ill management, not communal aid and peaceful coexistence.

Conservatives wanted to stop this system at once; Trump, faking sympathy, opted for a slow removal. It’s a selection that has had disastrous implications. Many young immigrants have started their lives in the united states and have been covered by the DACA Act. They are of millennial age and constitute a number of college students, graduates, medical doctors, and instructors.

Lots of immigrants have lost their legal working status because of the selection to segment out the program and the results on the economy are major. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/ and http://releasefact.com/2017/09/jim-larkin-and-michael-lacey-continue-fight-for-latino-rights-after-pardoning-of-joe-arpaio/

There are currently 122 americans being left hopeless and stranded each day because they no longer have working permits. This means they don’t have any manner to offer for his or her household proper care, and the body of workers is losing valuable labor.

We can count on a drop in GDP due to this choice. Whilst the repeal is finalized in March 6, 2018, the number of unemployed is predicted to move up to 1,000 per day. The concept is startling.

Many advocates for DACA and DREAMers have attempted to assist immigrants with renewing their DACA protection status earlier than the phasing out date. Regrettably, many did not take control of the opportunity provided. The Trump administration did not do anything to help with the renewal effort. Immigrants are advised to speak out and speak to their representatives in hopes of enacting a new DREAM Act. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are avid supporters for immigrants’ rights. They took part in protesting the repeal of the DACA and DREAM Acts. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has been instrumental in imparting immigrants with outcomes and opportunities for reaching their dreams of higher lifestyles and freedom.

Anybody who wishes to assist DREAMers and defend the rights of immigrants is recommended to call their Senators and representatives and insist they help the introduction of a brand new DREAM Act. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are relentlessly fighting for rights as we speak!

The American Years Were Tough And Tumultuous For Irish Agitator Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin is among the most famous of figures in the history of Irish labor relations, but his long and tumultuous career is one of many chapters. One of those fascinating chapters are the years he spent in the United States.

Larkin decided it was a good idea to get out of Ireland after his role in organizing one of the most disruptive and explosive strikes in Irish history – the great Dublin lockout of 1913. It was a painful defeat for Larkin after the strike of some 20,000 workers was finally crushed by the powerful ruling elites.

Jim Larkin fled to America in 1914. Writer Elizabeth Gurley Flynn came to know Larkin when he came to New York. She described him as “a gaunt man, with a rough-hewn face and a shock of graying hair, who spoke with an Irish accent.”

Larkin had paid frequent visits to Flynn’s mother and took tea with her often as the pair discusses ways to raise funds for the Irish Citizens’ Army. Larkin’s lifestyle in New York was hardly exotic or attractive. He lived in a tiny, rundown one-room apartment off an ally in Greenwich Village.

He didn’t have a lot of time to sit around in his shabby flat, however. Jim Larkin was a tireless advocate for his causes, or it should be said, a number of causes. In addition to agitating for labor unions, Larkin worked tirelessly to prevent the U.K. and the United States from getting involved in World War I.

He also worked to gather members for the Socialist movements that were gaining strength throughout the world, especially in Russia, where the Bolshevik Revolution would topple the centuries-old monarchy of that country in 1917.

While in New York, Larkin was hounded by American government agents who considered him a dangerous anarchist. Fear of socialism was rising fast during Larkin’s years in the U.S., and this made him an even larger target. He was eventually arrested and sent to prison for promoting “social anarchy” – but was later deported back to his native Ireland.

His years in America were a typical slice in the life of one of history’s most determined advocates for radical social change.

Jeremy Goldstein’s Value on Executives

Jeremy Goldstein knows employees are an important part of an office or a business but he also knows executives are just as important to the way a business works. Because they are the ones who are responsible for running things and because they set the tone for all the other people who are a part of the business, they have to make sure they are getting the benefits they need to be successful. Since Jeremy Goldstein knew this from the beginning, he wanted to give the community something that would help them and the executives something he could give back to them in every way possible. Learn more: https://about.me/jeremy.goldstein


As long as Jeremy Goldstein was working toward helping these executives, he knew there would be different options they could take into account. He also knew that most people would be able to get the help they deserved if they wanted to experience the best of the business. For Jeremy Goldstein, this was part of who he is as an attorney and part of what has made him the best he can be no matter what he is doing. For years, Jeremy Goldstein has put these practices into play and has made sure he is giving the community what they need.


Although there have been some issues people have faced as executives especially when it comes to stock options, Jeremy Goldstein knows there are different ways for people to experience more in their businesses. He tries to show them that they don’t have to provide stock options to employees, but providing a knockout plan can be an easy way to offer additional compensation benefits while not worrying about how they are going to pay their employees. Doing this will lead to them making better choices and them giving the community exactly what they are looking for.


As Jeremy Goldstein has learned more about the issues at hand and the things they can do to make these issues better, he has shown people the right way to do things. Jeremy Goldstein always wants everyone to know there is a chance that they can have a more positive future and there are new ways for them to put these into place. Jeremy Goldstein also wants to make sure he can help people through the most difficult times even if they are not getting the stock benefit options they thought they would be able to get from the experience.

Fabletics Uses Crowd Sourcing To Retain Seasoned Clients and Attract New Clients

The current consumer highly relies on the seasoned user’s feedback to purchase a product. Often defined as crowd sourcing, it is the main strategy applied by many consumers. As most users are sensitive and conservative when it comes to spending their money, it is vital for them to be sure of the quality of products they intend to buy. Crowd-sourced reviews have often led to high or low sales in a business. That is why for most businesses, customer feedback is vital. Savvy brands are now delving into reviewing customer reviews with the sole purpose of attracting more clients. One such brand is Fabletics, a fashion clothing-line that was founded on the basis of providing women with comfortable wear during work-outs.


A look at Fabletics


Fabletics was founded in 2013. Since then, the company has expanded its service scope and revenue generation by over 200%. This translates to approximately $235 million. According to the marketing officer of the parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, Mr. Shawn Gold, the success of the clothing line is accredited to crowd sourcing. Fabletics managed to top the list of manufacturers of leisure sportswear because of its capitalization on crowd sourcing. As a team, the management focuses on what the client gives as feedback. This is the major selling point for this brand as when a client gives their opinion, the team embraces it by offering viable solutions.


Using negative feedback to provide positive results


Like any other business, clients may give negative feedback. For Fabletics, this has never been a demoralizing factor as the team, through a qualified team leader, focuses on finding out viable solutions for the negated comments. Consumer reviews for Fabletics are a major pathway to winning more clients.


Positive reviews


To Fabletics, genuine reviews have often boosted the business’ ranking. They contribute to improved search ranking by capturing client’s attention. Being a business strategy, the incorporation of client’s reviews is a huge part of customer service too.

Kate Hudson’s role in Fabletics


Since its establishment, Fabletics has been a fashion –forward project that capitalizes in athleisure brand. The brand, chaired by Kate Hudson, was designed to be empowering and all-inclusive of women. For the past three years the company has been in the industry of fashion, women has given positive reviews regarding the availability of multiple sizes that include everyone. Kate and her professional team have been working on every detail that may seem constructive in building the company.


The conclusion


Even though she is not a business mogul, Kate Hudson, the experienced model, has a sense of fashion and style. It therefore, means that she understands the value of tailoring the demands of a client into culture, style and character. Kate Hudson uses this understanding to reach out to her clients. She incorporates their needs to fit the type of brand she manufacturers. Her staff testifies to her commitment to building Fabletics. In a conversation with the team, one of them states that Kate is an actual reflection of what Fabletics is about- image and self-acceptance. She is not only approachable but also active in her lifestyle.

Dedication of Jim Larkin as Unionist Supporter

Jim Larkin was born and raised up in the slums of Liverpool, England in the year 1876. His environment did not expose him to access the better chance for education. He then opted to play a part as a worker in many places for the need to raise the income for the family needs. His commitment made him elected as the foreman of the docks of Liverpool.

This is the point where Jim realized that most of the workers were being mistreated at the workplaces. He then came up with the idea of forming the workers union called Transport and General Workers’ Union which rose to the high ranks and became the most prominent union in the area.

His primary objective was to improve the working environment for the workers across the globe. This pushed him to make his travel to the United States in the year 1914. His unwavering support to the worker through the union continued till 1940, and he finally died at 1947.

During his tenure as the foreman in the docks of Liverpool, he became a member of the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL) and played a huge role as the organizer of the group. In the year 1907, Larkin, together with his team came up with the strike methods that became sensitive to the NUDL and this pushed for his deportation to Ireland. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

In then went further in support of the worker by forming Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union with the aim of creating togetherness between both skilled and unskilled workers in the country of Ireland. This organization became famous and gained membership from workers from different agencies of Ireland.

Jim later formed Irish Labour Party after gaining recognition and achieving a lot of the set objectives in Ireland. The party then pushed for the strikes that were against exploitation of the workers and rallied more than 100,000 workers to play a part in it. He further organized demonstration which was rebelling the war during the beginning of the World War I.

Additionally, he flown to the United States with the intention of raising some funds used for the fight of the British. The move made him convicted as criminal and deported to Ireland. Jim on his arrival, push for the international support of Workers’ Union of Ireland in Dublin in 1924.

Jim Larkin has been recognized as an ardent supporter of the workers through his fight for their rights.

Joel Friant Brings Great Concepts To Your Tables and To Your Life

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur and business owner in Corpus Christi, Texas. Joel enjoys the concept of free market productions, businesses that are created out of the home, and business training using subliminal methods. Even though he is a small business owner, with his successes, he enjoys helping people realize their fullest potential in all aspects of their life.

Joel has had some successes in food products that he created in 1995 by entering the restaurant business. He created menu food based on Thai cooking product and branded himself the “Thai Guy.’ As a result, he created the ‘The Habanero Shaker,’ a unique spice that contains his favorite delicacy the Habanero Chile pepper.

However, Joel soon decided to concentrate on his own real estate career, where he dabbled in foreclosure buying, to rehab properties and then sell it. In 2003 Mr. Friant took his experience in the real estate market and became educated in the real estate mortgage side of the industry.

With the methods he devised, he rose quickly to be the top sales person in his office, but he did not stop there, he chose to open a new company specializing in mortgage lending. Joel’s drive to help people, drove him to become a motivational speaker and author, in sharing his concepts of success and how to create it.

He writes articles that have been published around the world and he experiences many followers on his online seminars. Added to his repertoire of real estate and economic experience, Joel learned as much as he could about cryptocurrencies known more popularly as ‘bitcoin.’ Joel began touting the use of bitcoin transactions with real estate and food industry leaders.

In 2012, Joel Friant revived his food product The Habanero Shaker that gives a great spicy taste to many food products. He sells this product online touting the scientific health benefits that people can enjoy from using it. The peppers used in the Habanero Shaker are the same species that contain capsaicin that effect the brain to release natural painkiller endorphins, as well as causing a calming reaction.