How and why we operate our ABC Programme.





Why do we need an Animal Birth Control Programme?

It is estimated New Delhi, India has approximately 300,000 free roaming dogs struggling to exist on the streets. Without a comprehensive spay/neuter program in place to slow and eventually stop the indiscriminate breeding of Delhi's free roaming dogs, their numbers will continue to increase. Increases in population place increased pressure upon the dogs in their day-to-day struggle to survive, each generation having a poorer quality of life as increased numbers mean less food to go around, less territory and fewer mates leading to increased fighting and disease. These diseases include the diseases which are communicable to humans as well as throughout the dog population, such as rabies (see rabies page for more information).

How can Animal India Trust hope to control such a large dog population?

Animal India Trust is not a large organisation, so we need to target our efforts carefully, for that reason we work on an area wise approach.

We concentrate our efforts on a particular area or zone, and massively sterilize and vaccinate against rabies within that area to achieve an over 70% success rate. If this rate of sterilization is accomplished within one breeding cycle, the results are immediate, demonstrating a visual and measurable impact.

Hence sterilizing and anti-rabies vaccinating over 70% of the free roaming dog population in any given zone is our minimum standard to guarantee success.

How does the programme actually operate?

Our team of dog catchers go to a specified area and each day capture 10 - 12 dogs. The dogs are humanely captured using a pole and loop and are placed in our vehicle to be transported to our clinic. The same day or at the latest the next day each dog is sterilised and vaccinated against rabies. At the same time we mark the dogs so that we know they have been sterilised - this is done by making a notch in the dog's ear. They are then housed in our kennels until they have recovered sufficiently from their operation. This usually takes about three days. The dogs are then returned to where they were captured and released.

We keep comprehensive records to ensure that each dog goes back to the same place it was captured from. This ensures a stable population in the area.

How many dogs are sterilised by Animal India Trust?

At our clinic in Lajpat Nagar we aim to sterilise 350 dogs each month. In addition we  operate a mobile clinic where we are able to travel to an area and sterilise dogs from the mobile clinic. We sterilise 200 dogs per month from our mobile clinic.