Changing Landscape of Immersive Technology with Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a San Diego-based entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Tsunami XR software. After over two decades under his belt in the industry, he said that virtual and augmented reality industrial science will be the foundation of the future. Alex Hern has used the new technologies in his own businesses and it fulfills its purpose. It is a great addition to the connectivity and dynamic of daily operations.

His outstanding specialty is launching early stage businesses looking to thrive in the industry. Alex Hern believes in working with trusted leaders that are influential in their fields. He prefers to be able to trust his team to make decisions for the business. He says the force behind his success is trusting the right people.

Immersive XR technology lets users merge the virtual world with their physical world and vice versa. The merging of realities and the constantly evolving innovations of the technologies result in an environment completely unique to the 21st century.

When asked about trends that excited him Alex Hern said he is excited about AI and machine learning and cloud-based computing for the graphics intense application being applied to XR and other devices in the augmented reality field.