HGGC, leading venture capital and private equity firm

HGGC is a privately held global leading middle-market private equity firm. It was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Palo Alto California. The firm specializes in restructuring the middle market private and public companies, add on acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, public to private, platform investments, and platform investments. Currently, the company employs over 60,000 employees globally and has $4.3 cumulative capital commitments. The company has a successful portfolio of overseas companies too. Since its inception, HGGC has completed transactions of over $17 billion value in recapitalizations, platform investments, add on acquisitions and liquidity events.

The management team of HGGC is made up of a group of highly talented seasonal professionals. The team has a vast collective and operational experience which plays a significant role in steering the company forward. The firm seeks to make partnerships with like-minded partners to achieve mutually beneficial success. In addition, the company is structured to bring exceptional practices in venture capital and private equity to carve out middle market businesses that outperform and thrive well in the highly competitive market. To achieve this, the firm seeks to invest in diversified enterprises to obtain high returns. Also, the firm seeks to invest in the following sectors; consumer products, industrial services, healthcare, chemicals, infrastructure, financial services, business services, software, emerging technologies, and information services sectors. Besides, the firm seeks to add incredible talent into the management team to broaden on the opportunities as well as enhance capability.

HGGC has a long and an impressive track of record in add on acquisitions. As per the mission of the company, the firm invests in middle market companies they believe have the potential to scale up through the heights to ta attain leading competitive positions in the market. The firm has distinguished itself in the market by demonstrating its ability to spot and acquire scalable enterprises through partnerships with stakeholders. Advantage investing is the overall goal of the company, where the firm seeks to drive positive interests and outcomes from investments that lead to enhanced networks, and reliable references. Over the years, the company has made a lot of highly attractive deals to add expertise and skills to the company. It has invested in technology companies to ensure that the company’s technology is up to date as well as promote innovativeness as a critical driver of business. Due to the remarkable mark that HGGC has made in the market, the firm won a prestigious award in 2014.